Yes on B in Compton

The measure will help the Latino community

On the June 5 ballot, citizens of the city of Compton will vote on a new way to elect the City Council, which could increase representation in the municipal government for Latinos.

We recommend voting in favor of Measure B in Compton. This initiative will allow the election of Council members by district, as in other cities-like Los Angeles, but smaller cities also-especially because this will give a voice to the city’s diverse communities.

Latinos already make up two-thirds of Compton’s population. But, because this population is made up mostly of young people and immigrants, and as a result has fewer voters, it does not have voting strength in the current system, which elects the City Council at large.

It is fair for majority voters to call the shots. But they can continue to do so and also give a voice to the largest group of the population so that at least one district with Latino political power is created, which would increase representation.

At-large voting systems like the one in Compton usually lead to apathy among minority voters, who never see themselves represented. Although some in the African American majority have argued that it is unfair to force this change, the reality is that this community has also used these same arguments in its struggle for political power.

It is fair to seek a more democratic and representative system. We recommend that the residents of Compton vote “Yes” on Measure B.