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If these songs automatically pour out of the speakers along Fifth Avenue this Sunday, it’s because they are still so good.

Here’s a roundup of the some of the ballads, salsa and freestyle you’ll hear. If we missed one, let us know at

Yo nací en Puerto Rico/Hector Lavoe

Boricua or not, it’s impossible to not gear up for the chorus of this song -Puerto Rico yo nunca dejaré de amarte- and then Lavoe’s famous ¡Ayyyyyy!

Puerto Rico/Frankie Ruiz

Listen to this homage to la isla del encanto long enough and you’ll want to head over to JFK.

Boriqua Posse/Rare Arts

Yes, this beat is a souvenir from the house-freestyle days. And it is still pumpin’!

Puerto Rico/ Frankie Cutlass

We can’t believe 18 years have passed since Cutlass released this call–UH PUERTO RICO– and-response-OHHH-mix.

Isla linda/Eddie Palmieri

Between the lyrics, fierce musicians, and sincere singing, this song is a beloved favorite and off Palmieri’s 1972 album. That makes “Isla linda” 30 years old. Happy birthday!

Boricua Morena/ NORE and featuring Daddy Yankee

This song is all light, summer and fun. Of course, the chorus by Queens’ own Nina Sky always prompts a sing along.


Marc Anthony takes this classic tribute to Puerto Rico by composer Rafael Hernández to another level – absolutely heart-swelling.

Que Bonita Bandera/Juzt 2 Brothers

The parade is just not the parade without Schwinn bicycles, reinas, and Que Bonita Bandera coming at you. It will turn the most boring float into a draw.

Boricua anthem/C&C Music Factory

We are not sure why this sexy song was proclaimed “Boricua anthem,” but with the round-the-way tio opening up this house beat by C&C Music Factory and El General yelling “fuego,” it’s still a crowd shaker.

Still not a Player/Big Pun

He may not be with us anymore, but the Bronx rapper left a jam that anyone in earshot will get down to, especially the Boricua, morena part.

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