Cubana Social a touch of Cuba in Brooklyn

Cubana Social a touch of Cuba in Brooklyn
Foto: fotos Shirley Rodríguez

Cubana Social, a cool restaurant and bar inspired by 1940s Havana, offers a taste of the Caribbean in Brooklyn. With servings of Café Bustelo, antique fans and small, decorative buckets on the shelves, Cubana social transports you out of Brooklyn to a simple, but stylish casita. A black and white film plays in the background on a large screen throughout the night. When the lights are dimmed, Cubana Social turns into a romantic date night for the price of one.

The restaurant offers organic classic dishes like its “Ropa Vieja Clasica” with tomato, poblano and olive, accompanied by maduros and arroz with frijoles, for $21. Unlike other Latino restaurants, Cubana Social’s cuisine includes a delectable vegetarian and vegan menu. For those who prefer to skip meat, there are plates like the Sopa de Frijoles – black bean, sofrito, and pico de gallo for $8 and traditional empanadas with organic egg and fontina cheese for $3.50.

Beyond dinner and drinks (try the Greenpoint Tonic), Cubana Social offers more — live music, a movie in the backdrop, but no cover charge, it’s a rare deal in New York City. Every Friday and Saturday night, they have live Brooklyn-based performers playing Salsa, Afro-Cuban and other rhythms.

Check out Cubana Social this weekend for some live Jazz on Friday night or enjoy a live performance with happy hour on Friday and Saturday. Cubana Social is a nostalgic experience of Cuba and offers a unique ambience in a city that leans towards the modern and trendy.

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