Head to Ibiza Lounge in Bx

The Bronx has been gaining a following of partygoers as more bars and nightclubs pop up in different neighborhoods of the borough.

Ibiza Lounge —located in Riverdale— is one of the Bronx’s hot spots. It has been open for 10 years and it’s well worth the trip for people who only think of Manhattan when it comes to nightlife.

The music is great and the DJ keeps people dancing. A little into the night on Friday, Ibiza hosts live performances with local artists.

More than a lounge, Ibiza keeps it offerings diverse. Ccomedy nights are coming up later this month, Fridays’ are hip-hop night, while Latin music dominates on Saturday’s .

At Ibiza you never know what to expect– themes are always changing and cover charges vary but when you go, you’re in for a good hang out night.

Ibiza is currently having renovations done, especially in the lower level of the club, which is not open at the moment, so keep that in mind. This Friday, check out Ibiza’s “Forsaken Motorcycle Lights Out” party. Tickets in advance go for $10, and it’s $15 at the door.

Everyone knows it’s always a party when the lights are down low. Come back next week and check out my next hot spot! Follow me on Twitter @Mabel_Martinez1 to see where I’m at for the night and tell me your favorite nightlife spots.