Letitia James for Public Advocate

During each election cycle, New Yorkers are promised change. And while some of these changes have become a reality, many communities have not felt the benefit.

This is why Letitia James comes as a reminder that there are leaders who pour their heart and soul into defending those who don’t have deep pockets.

With a long history of public service, James has the integrity, ethics and morals that too many politicians today are lacking. Her stance on important issues and experience more than qualify her to become the city’s next public advocate.

As a former public defender, James made sure vulnerable New Yorkers, including victims of domestic violence, had their due process. She also worked in the state legislature and served as an assistant attorney general in Brooklyn.

As a City Council member, she sponsored and achieved passage of the Safe Housing Act to improve the living conditions of tenants living in some of the city’s worst buildings.

While the Bloomberg administration took its eye off bloated contracts attached to CityTime — a program plagued by fraud that enriched a few at the expense of taxpayers — James tackled the job of holding the administration accountable.

In the debate over the development of Atlantic Yards, she stood up for Brooklyn residents. From her position, she advocated for 30% of housing units to be affordable and for safety measures for pedestrians, and saved a community library from closure.

James plans to introduce legislation to restore the budget of the Public Advocate’s office to better serve New Yorkers and would mount a legal challenge, if necessary. Her agenda also includes the creation of an immigrant affairs office to respond to the needs of the newest New Yorkers.

As public advocate, James would also work on issues that are critical to Latino and so many other New Yorkers. She wants to raise the bar on the number of housing units dedicated to working families and change the distorted income measure currently used to determine housing needs in our communties.

In the Democratic primaries on Sept. 10, vote for a true public advocate: Letitia James.