Intolerance in the House

It is unconceivable that the House of Representatives is attempting to impose its moral values on American women by blocking access to legal medical procedures like abortion.

Terminating a pregnancy is a personal decision under the law; it is up to women to make this decision. Men, by nature, will never have to face this type of situation. However, an all-male group of 22 Republican representatives who make up the Judiciary Committee—since there are no females in this panel’s partisan delegation—sent to the House plenary an abortion bill. The purpose of this bill is to once and for all ensure that federal funds won’t be available for low-income women to obtain abortion care, and to prevent health care plans under Obamacare from covering the procedure.

The bill that the House passed on Tuesday bans hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits from being given to companies and individuals who purchase health insurance plans that cover abortion.

Opposition to abortion is based on moral and religious issues for those who do not want their tax contributions to be used for this medical procedure. This is ridiculous, because taxpayers cannot decide what their taxes will be used for. Otherwise, many people would not allow their money to be used to start wars.

For those who from Congress are trying to impose their specific religious values on a population with greatly diverse beliefs, this contradiction does not matter.

This is another example of the intolerance that predominates in the House—the one has trapped the country in a cruel choice, between an extremist agenda and legislative paralysis.

Maybe it is not right to speak of waging a “war on women,” like Democrats have accused Republicans of doing. What is certain is that with this type of action—and the horrendous comments that Republicans make about women from time to time—the party’s election future is increasingly being reduced to extremists, whose goal is imposing their prejudices on everyone.