Bizarre health fads celebrities follow

Though we often idolize them, celebrities aren’t infallible and they can do some pretty wacky things. The area of fitness and well-being is no exception,…

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of stress and weird health trends, just ask Rihanna. In fact, don’t think celebrity health fads are always healthy for you. (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Though we often idolize them, celebrities aren’t infallible and they can do some pretty wacky things. The area of fitness and well-being is no exception, and celebrity health fads are not only popular when they make their way to the public, they are often far from truly “healthy.”

Though some celebrities have a good handle on what works and what doesn’t, others seem to always be trying new things.

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While we can’t blame them for being on the lookout for a Fountain of Youth, it’s important to know when they may have become a little too obsessed with the latest and greatest health remedies.

Check out these strange celebrity health fads we’ve seen over the last few years:

11 Strange celebrity health fads

JLo has a weird celebrity health fad.

JLo uses grapefruit oil to keep her figure. (AP Photo/Matilde Campodonico)

  • Simon Cowell carries around inhalable oxygen shots even though high levels of oxygen are toxic to the body, especially in the lungs where it is already most concentrated.
  • January Jones loves her dried placenta pills despite the risk of consuming toxins prevented from reaching newborns.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer once followed the Breatharian Diet–which involved no food or water.
  • Boy George uses biotyping to lose weight, a process that requires hormone manipulation to target certain areas of the body.
  • Rihanna supports the use of intravenous vitamin and fluid therapy post-hangover, despite the fact it uses up important emergency medical supplies needed in hospitals around the country.
  • Demi Moore told ABC Newsshe felt great after being covered in leeches for blood detoxification. According to medical experts, however, your body’s liver and kidneys take care of that process naturally–no leeches needed!
  • Halle Berry loves to use coffee grinds as an anti-cellulite treatment. While she probably smells amazing, there are no studies that adequately show coffee, or the caffeine in coffee, can rid the body of cellulite. Exfoliation, however, which rubbing coffee grounds on the skin may accomplish, does help reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Rapper Weezy became known for his favorite drink, sizzurp, a potentially deadly combination of codeine and promethazine. Enough said.
  • Jennifer Lopez likes to keep a vial of grapefruit oil on hand to sniff. We wonder what mama JLo has to say about that!

Rumor has it the Puerto Rican singer and actress does it to suppress her appetite, but no evidence supports it for that use.

  • Lady Gaga has a fail-proof method of makeup removal not for the faint of heart: Sellotape. That’s right, why wash your makeup off when you can peel it from your skin?
  • Terri Hatcher likes some wine when she takes a bath–a whole bottle–poured into the tub! The actress believes the nutrients from the wine soften her skin. Supported by science? Not really, but could be worse!

Do your research

Demi Moore's celebrity health fad includes leeches.

Demi Moore believes in the benefits of leech therapy. (Shutterstock)

So, the next time you hear about one of your favorite celebrities championing a new health fad, wait before you jump on the bandwagon as well.

Just because celebrities are taking part doesn’t mean the activity is safe or has significant research to back it up.

Be a responsible consumer and do your own homework.

If you need an expert opinion, consult your doctor, not your local celebrity gossip column.

In fact, if you like to follow stars and their unique health trends, we suggest following healthier fads from other popular celebrities, such as Shakira, who depends on dancing and sports to keep her sexy hips and fit body.

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