Sex positions that drive Latinas crazy

When I wrote ‘8 sex positions that drive Latino men crazy’, I left the other half of the article pending, i.e., what sexual positions are preferred…
Sex positions that drive Latinas crazy

When I wrote ‘8 sex positions that drive Latino men crazy’, I left the other half of the article pending, i.e., what sexual positions are preferred by Latinas. So the following content is for mature readers.

It wasn’t very difficult to do a survey through social media as I mentioned to some girlfriends that I was researching this piece. Soon my Facebook and Twitter inboxes were filled with answers. These women wanted to shout out what gives them the most pleasure in the bedroom. I’m not going to disclose the names of my sources, but I do have a few surprising results to share in this article exploring the favorite sex positions that drive Latino women crazy.

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The Amazon position

An overwhelming majority of the ladies replied that their favorite position is the Amazon position,where the woman sits on top of the man as if riding a horse. Women love this position best because they reach orgasm more easily by rubbing her clitoris against the pelvis of the man. They find their own pace and can regulate it at their leisure and see the face of their lover.

Amazon position not only affords women a better vantage point but also lets them have more control. (Shutterstock)

“What a difficult question, I like many (positions)!” replied a woman I’m only going to identify as ‘G’. She continued, “Well, to reach an orgasm easier, I like to be on top of my man, so that he can caress or suck on my breasts, in addition to that, I can see him upfront, which makes it more likeable.”

Women who answered my questionnaire also expressed that having control over the situation makes them feel more sensual. “I think that “from above” is what I like most. To have the control, means greater enjoyment and the best location. And you get more pampering!” says ‘E’.

Doggie style

Diggie style postion is one of the sex positions Latino men like.

Doggie style is both a favorite sex position for men and women. (Shutterstock)

These ladies that I interviewed placed the doggie style position as a second favorite. This position has the woman placed on all fours and the man, behind her, has absolute control of the situation. What they like most about this one is the fantasy of being totally controlled by a “powerful” man and, of no less importance, the depth of the penetration that can be significantly deeper this way. G says, “Another position that I like is on all fours, with the man talking a little dirty to me.”


Spooning in bed can be a sexual position.

Spooning in bed allows you to be affectionate, but it can also be a sexual position. (Shutterstock)

Thirdly ranked comes the position of embracing each other while side-lying, or spooning, where the woman lies on her side and the man is in the same position behind her. This is very exciting for the ladies as their partner can caress their breasts while penetrating.

The reverse cowgirl

Sex positions such as the reverse cowgirl are popular among Latina women.

The reverse cowgirl, where the woman is on top of the man facing his feet, backward is a favorite position of Latinas surveyed for this story. (Shutterstock)

The fourth position of preferred pleasure goes to reverse cowgirl, meaning the Amazon position but turning the back to their man, facing his feet. This position leaves the woman in charge as she is on top but is a bit of a fantasy scenario for everyone involved.

Missionary position

The missionary position is one of the sex positions Latino men like.

Missionary position is a classic. (Shutterstock)

And the last choice for these ladies was the missionary position. Why last when it’s a classic?  Well, it seems they find it quite boring, but reliable and comfy, satisfactory at best. Yawn!

In all positions, women emphasized that an important factor in their pleasure is the rubbing of the clitoris. With that ensured, it is easier for them to reach orgasm. Focus guys!

It’s the extra things that matter in bed

There is, however, another fundamental issue for women when it comes to sex. Much more important than a pleasant physique, what the man says, how he acts and his commitment to the moment is what women find essential. Surprisingly, they all said they like men talking dirty in bed, showing desire for men to be vocal during orgasm! And if we talk about places to do it, the kitchen table, an elevator, a luxury hotel room and a dark, semi-hidden public corner with the risk of being caught in the act are some of the most sought after.

Places and positions that these Latinas like least: sex in the car, sex in the couples’ bed every single time, sex in his dorm room bed or a set of parents’ bed, and all those positions that do not allow them to reach a healthy, vibrant orgasm.

Now it’s your turn! Dish girls! What sexual position drives you crazy? Leave your comments below.

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