Bachata star Santaye: ‘The road to success is not easy’

For Santaye, a Domincan songstress known as the “Queen of Bachata,” the road to success has not been easy –especially in a male-dominate music genre.…

Santaye talks to VOXXI about her new single, Premio Lo Nuestro and her plans for 2015. (Photo courtesy)

For Santaye, a Domincan songstress known as the “Queen of Bachata,” the road to success has not been easy –especially in a male-dominate music genre. However, her journey, which began in 2010, has definitely paid off.

We followed up on the tropical singer after our first encounter with her late 2013, where she talked of her first single “In My Head.”

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Santaye sings bachata.

Santaye is nominated at Premio Lo Nuestro. (Photo courtesy)

It seems as if a lot of good things have happened to the star, who is now promoting her second single “Show Me The Way.”

“Excellent,” Santaye told VOXXI of the song’s feedback. “I presented the song in Telemundo and people absolutely love it.”

Santaye described the single as a slow melody which later picks up its rhythm. “It’s a bachata mix in my own style,” she said of her fresh track making the rounds.

The singer-songwriter, who sings bachata in both English and Spanish, first fell in love with music in the streets of her homeland, the Dominican Republic.

She later made her way to New York City and now resides in Miami where she continues to pursue her passion.

Though she’s only been in the biz for five years, Santaye has  definitely caught many people’s attention, becoming a favorite in Premio Lo Nuestro.

Not only is the singer celebrating a new single, but also her second nomination for Best Tropical Female Artist at the reputed Univision awards show.

This year, she’s up against artists Giselle Tavera, Gretchen, Leslie Grace and Olga Tañon. Winning this title only means one thing to Santaye and her career.

“In life, one must always go on and never stop,” she said. “You have to give it your all and work a lot even when doors are closed.”

Nabbing the award would demonstrate her hard work, which she says, “presenting a project is a lot of work, it’s not easy.”

Santaye is from Santo Domingo.

Santaya is known as the “Queen of Bahata.” Photo courtesy)

Besides her new single and nod, the songstress is thrilled to unveil her second studio album out April.

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“The sound is totally different from my first album,” she said of the album in which former Aventura member Lenny Santos takes part. “There’s all types of melodies and lyrics, I’m very happy.”

As for her plans for 2015, Santaye has gigs ahead in New York and Mexico. She also hopes to visit Colombia and Puerto Rico this year, with the intention to show the world her music.

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