Eva Mendes talks mental health: ‘Tell me what’s wrong with me’

Eva Mendes proudly showed off her post-pregnancy body in the latest edition of Women’s Health magazine, but the new mother indicates she focuses just as…

Eva Mendes attends the Eva Mendes For New York & Company Spring Launch at the Los Cerritos Center on March 19, 2014 in Cerritos, California. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for New York & Comp)

Eva Mendes proudly showed off her post-pregnancy body in the latest edition of Women’s Health magazine, but the new mother indicates she focuses just as much on mental health as she does physical health. The 41-year-old regularly visits a therapist because, as she puts it, “I need to hear what you (the therapist)n thinke. Tell me what’s wrong with me so I can fix it.”

“Having [a therapist] who’s totally objective and who points out my patterns — I find that really helpful,” she said. “I’m lucky to work with someone who doesn’t just sit there and nod her head, you know?”

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A survey conducted by Psychology Today indicates more than 27 percent of all adults seek mental health therapy in a 24-month time span, with approximately 19 percent of those attendees on no medication or with a specific diagnosis. This suggest sometimes healthy adults just need someone to help them work through everyday issues.

“People come to therapy to get help,” wrote the Psychology Today team. “The impetus for therapy is as unique and diverse as the individuals who seek it, but typically people come to find assistance they haven’t found in other areas of their life. Depending on the issue and type of therapy, this help may come in the form of support, information, guidance, self-knowledge and/or the space to learn and practice new tools.”

Though Eva did not elaborate on the conversations she had with her therapist, she did share more detailed information on her physical fitness and diet routine. To keep in shape, the celebrity mom runs, lifts light weights, practices yoga and goes on hikes with her trainer. Like most people in the Hollywood spotlight, Mendes has learned the importance of both cardio training and strength training.

Healthy mind & body for Eva Mendes

Eva has also eliminated meat form her diet, a change she made a number of years ago for personal reasons.

“I haven’t eaten meat in about six years, because I don’t agree with factory farming here,” she said. “This is just what worked for me, it’s important to say, but when I cut that out I immediately felt better. And also, after a year of eliminating it, my skin looked brighter and healthier overall.”

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The changes seen in her skin clarity are not surprising. New York City–based aesthetic dermatologist Lisa Airan, M.D. told CNN too much cholesterol from red meat can cause signs of premature aging. “Eating too much animal fat can result in an increased production of free radicals, which are thought to interfere with normal cellular processing,” Airan said. “This may cause premature cell death.”

With the rest of her health under control, Eva doesn’t mind the sleepless nights that come with being a new mom. She told Women’s Health being up with her daughter at night isn’t an inconvenience to her; it is time well-spent bonding with her baby.