El Diario’s commitment

It is our duty to find a new value proposition to adjust to the tough conditions posed to us by the market

In response to rumors speculating about the future of EL DIARIO’s printed edition, ImpreMedia wishes to clarify that our business strategy does not consist of setting a death date for printed newspapers but, on the contrary, to define a new value proposition for them: value for the audience and value for advertisers.

The technological disruption to which printed media has been exposed with the massive adoption of Internet has seriously affected the industry’s value proposition. Thus, it is our duty to find a new value proposition to adjust to the tough conditions posed to us by the market.

Our company reaffirms its intention and commitment to achieve the necessary financial sustainability to ensure the continuity of independent quality journalism. This is the only type of journalism that brands with the trajectory and reputation of El Diario and La Opinion  are willing to offer the Hispanic community.

We firmly believe that there can be no independent journalism without financial solvency.  Economic viability not only guarantees quality information but the capability to offer service and, even more importantly, to become an integral part of the Hispanic community. We are defined and humbled by this vocation.
Unfortunately, with the tremendously challenging reality facing our industry, this search for financial sustainability has meant taking painful decisions that are nonetheless justified by the ulterior motive of ensuring the survival of our company and its brands.

Since March 2012, ImpreMedia’s new shareholders have invested significant sums in our company. Even though it still has to obtain the returns we were seeking, we continue to work enthusiastically and appealing to our new team’s talent and creativity to find the solutions necessary to reach our objective. We are confident that we will make it. We intend to remain the voice of the Latino community in New York.