Bikinis hechos de cinta adhesiva: la última locura ‘hot’ de las modelos en Instagram

No apto para cardíacos

Sabíamos de bikinis pequeños, diminutos y tangas, pero lo que ahora tomó por asalto a Instagram es más extremo.

Los bikinis hechos con cinta adhesiva recorren viralmente la popular red social levantando más de una ceja.

El reto fue iniciado por el diseñador y fotógrafo Joel Alvarez “The King of tape”.

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I've had the pleasure to work with a new company called @opkix. They have created the worlds smallest social media camera. I've had them for a few months now and I've taken them everywhere I go. I film my shows from the stage, My hikes on paradise challenge and random moments. Sometimes I cant get the camera app on my phone up in time because of notifications, lag or just dont have power. But with these little guys its hold push and record. They clip on to my shades for POV they also have this cool necklace chain that hangs off my neck for easy access. They film at 1080p. Have 15mins of record time and power. The processing is all done in the egg that charges them and download the footage giving them another 7 hours of record time. The app allows you to edit, trim, cut, speed up and slow down. It also has image stabilizer. Check out for more details and if you like them use code JABTOPKIX for some free accessories like the patent magnetic shades or glasses, chain, ring , selfie stick and stick on pads for use anywhere @blacktapeproject #blacktapelife #blacktapeproject #blacktape #bodytapeart #thekingoftape

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Se trata de todo un arte, asegura Alvarez, pues colocar cinta en las partes íntimas de la mujer o dibujar en su cuerpo no es algo sencillo.

De hecho el diseñador abrió una tienda en Miami: The Black Tape Project.

“Aunque este proyecto de arte comenzó exclusivamente con cinta negra, ahora he comenzado a experimentar con diferentes técnicas y nuevas formas de cintas adhesivas”, asegura en su sitio web.

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The lovely pricisilla Huggins. I met her in tulum this past January. She is signed with wilhelmina NY and just moved to LA. I've been working with her since and now she has started working with Guess and soon with Playboy America. Working with her helped ppl understand that I don't just work with glamour models with enhancements and or with just skinny models. I'm open to work with any model I consider beautiful and unique. Working with her has allowed other models feel confident to work with artists like myself and feel good about themselves. She will be joining us in tulum for the paradise challenge juky 22 to 28 so stay tuned to see what we create this July. Video was shot on mu galaxy s9+ on an osmo gimbal for @blacktapeproject @@privetravels @priscilla_huggins @thekingoftape #edcvegas #tulum2019 #blacktapeproject @blacktapeproject #blacktapelife #blacktapeproject #blacktape #bodytapeart #thekingoftape

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Modelos e instagramers recurren al diseñador para tener el mejor bikini hecho con cinta y poder lucirlo en festivales y publicaciones de redes sociales.

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