Mujer que acusó al actor Cuba Gooding Jr. dice que la violó dos veces en un mismo día

La mujer que está acusando al actor de Hollywood por violación quiere mantenerse en el anonimato

Mujer que acusó al actor Cuba Gooding Jr. dice que la violó dos veces en un mismo día
Cuba Gooding Jr.
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El actor estadounidense Cuba Gooding Jr. ha sido acusado de violar a una mujer dos veces en un mismo día en 2013 en un hotel de Nueva York, según revela una denuncia presentada este martes en un tribunal federal de Manhattan.

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It looks like the list of accusations against #CubaGoodingJr keeps on piling up, and according to a new lawsuit, the actor is now being sued for allegedly raping a woman in his New York City hotel room back in 2013. _____________________________________ According to @variety, the civil suit was filed on Tuesday, and the unidentified woman claims the alleged incident took place in Cuba’s hotel room in New York City after the two of them met at a Greenwich Village lounge. _____________________________________ He reportedly invited the woman and her friend back to the Mercer Hotel in SoHo for some for drinks. He then reportedly asked her up to his room as he prepared to change his clothing. The lawsuit continues to state that the woman insisted on leaving the room and meeting her friend downstairs once he started to take his clothes off. He then allegedly blocked her from leaving the room and pushed her on the bed and began to touch her body inappropriately without her permission. The lawsuit reads, “Plaintiff was wearing a halter top dress that evening. Defendant finished taking off his clothes (he was now completely naked) and forcibly and without consent put one hand in her—read more at (📸: @gettyimages)

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El texto apunta que la supuesta víctima, que ha querido permanecer en el anonimato, conoció a Gooding Jr. en un restaurante del barrio de Greenwich Village, en Nueva York, y que el protagonista de “Jerry Maguire” la invitó a tomar algo al hotel en el que se estaba hospedando.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. has come under fire after allegations of sexual assault against him surfaced. The actor allegedly raped the same girl two times in 2013, but the new allegation has been made under a new lawsuit. “The allegations against Cuba Gooding Jr. are false and perjurious. There was absolutely no conduct committed in a criminal nature as alleged. We expect the case to be dismissed. It was an alleged incident that took place over seven years ago with no criminal complaint at the time,” New York City. Mark Heller, attorney of Gooding Jr. said. Tap @WittyScoop to follow our page for entertainment, lifestyle, tech, and food-related content. Fore exciting content. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel WittyScoop by following the link below: YouTube Channel: Blog: #cubagoodingjr #boyznthehood #icecube #johnsingleton #s #thepeoplevsojsimpson #jerrymaguire #movies #boyzinthehood #menofhonor #lifeinayear #snowdogs #thefightingtemptations #asgoodasltgets #morrischestnut #afewgoodmen #hiphop #bayoucaivar #movie #nwa #actor #cinema #rap #trestyles #ndbirthdaycubagoodingjr #dustinhoffman #compton #snoopdogg #tomwilkinson #bhfyp

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Por su parte, la defensa del ganador del Oscar insiste en seguir trabajando con el actor en la campaña “NotMe”. Movimiento a través del cual las personas pueden defenderse de falsas acusaciones.

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La pandemia ha retrasado la presentación de las pruebas para ver cuándo finalmente se establecerá la fecha para el juicio contra el actor y cuáles serían exactamente los cargos definitivos por los cuales se le juzgaría, además del de acoso sexual.