10 Lessons for Beginning Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneur’s advice for next generation of risk takers

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In honor of National Entrepreneurs Month, Dr.
Robert B. Pamplin Jr.
, one of the nation’s most versatile and widely
respected businessmen, offers advice to those who are thinking about
taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

“I’ve worked tirelessly, made difficult decisions, learned from mistakes
and experienced great success as an entrepreneur,” said Dr. Pamplin.
“Whether someone is just beginning their journey as an entrepreneur, or
has already begun reaping the rewards of success, I’d hope the wisdom
I’ve amassed over my lifetime can provide enlightenment and guidance.”

Dr. Pamplin, who is chairman, president and CEO of R.B. Pamplin
Corporation, a $600 million family-owned business with interests in
construction, communications, manufacturing, agriculture, and food and
wine, embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. He inspires not only by
example, but also by committing to active involvement in nurturing
aspiring entrepreneurs. He shares his knowledge with students at higher
education institutions and serves as a resource to businesses and
nonprofit organizations, lending his financial, accounting and business
expertise to help organizations thrive.

He offers the following 10 lessons to prospective entrepreneurs:

1. There are two things that can never be taken away from you: education
and your character
. For once you have them, they are with you always.

2. Make sure it is your work and you have done your best. No one
could ask for more.

3. Don’t rely completely on another’s advice; inquire for yourself.
You are the one who has to live with the decision.

4. Do what you think is right. Then forget about it.

5. The worst thing you can do is not make a decision. If someone
wants a decision today, give it today.

6. No one is an expert in everything. Be wise enough to admit your
. People will admire your vision and humility. Then hire
experts to fill the gaps.

7. Don’t have someone do something you are not willing to do.

8. A disappointment should only be temporary. Character is not
built by accepting defeat, but by snatching success from the jaws of
defeat. Plan how to overcome the setbacks and move ahead with confidence.

9. Keep your options open. A treed squirrel only has one way to
go. Don’t close any door because of pride.

10. Share your rewards with those who have helped you. It will
return to you tenfold.

To learn more about Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr., and his journey to become
the nation’s foremost diversified entrepreneur, visit www.pamplin.org.

About Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr.

Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. has earned eight degrees – including two
doctorates – in business, economics, accounting, education and theology.
He has been honored nationally as a businessman, philanthropist,
ordained minister, educator, historical preservationist and author of 23
books and comic books, including two book-of-the-month club selections.
Pamplin’s business interests include media (the Portland Tribune and 25
community newspapers), textiles, construction and agriculture. He has
been awarded many honorary degrees and featured in national magazines,
in newspapers and on television. He has served on presidential and state
commissions, and he has been chairman of the board of trustees of three
colleges. Pamplin is widely recognized as America’s leading historical
preservationist and foremost diversified entrepreneur. For more
information, visit www.pamplin.org.
For more information about Pamplin’s preservation efforts, visit www.pamplincollection.org.


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