A Biography In Tribute to the Top-Selling Regional Mexican Female Star of Her Generation – Jenni Rivera: The Incredible Life of a Warrior Butterfly, by Leila Cobo, Executive Director of Content and Programing for Billboard Latino

This March 5, Penguin Group (USA) is honored to present Jenni Rivera: The amazing life of a warrior butterfly, a biography of the popular Mexican-American singer who died in tragic plane crash on December 2012. The book talks about the famous top-selling singer’s successful career, and it was written in English and Spanish by Leila Cobo, novelist, author and Executive Director of Content and Programming for Billboard Latino.

“It is an honor to pay tribute to the musical career of Jenni Rivera, an artist I interviewed many times over the last 10 years, and for whom I have deep respect and admiration. I wrote this biography as a journalist and Latin music expert to mark her musical life,” said Cobo.

Rivera has sold over 15 million albums worldwide. The singer recorded her first albums in the late 80’s and reached popularity in the Billboard charts in 1992, establishing the difference among the banda norteña genre, often considered a male-dominated field.

Her songs, which addressed social issues, love and infidelity, led Jenni to popularity achieving three nominations for the Latin Grammy. “Jenni sang to women and identified with their problems. No one else was doing what she was doing musically,” said Cobo.

“I felt deeply honored when Penguin asked me to write a biography of Jenni Rivera,” said Cobo. “As a music journalist, I didn’t want to miss this unforgettable moment in Latin music. She had an amazing life, struggled as a singer, mother and businesswoman. This book is a tribute to an extraordinary woman,” emphasized Cobo.

“Jenni Rivera: The incredible life of a warrior butterfly. a biography written with the remarkable professionalism of a latin music expert such as Leila Cobo, is a book made for the general audience who deeply regrets the loss of Jenni,” said Carlos Azula, Publisher of CA Press Penguin Group.

About Leila Cobo: Colombian television show host, novelist, pianist and Executive Director of Latin content and programming for Billboard, she is in charge of the brand’s coverage of Latin music. She hosts Estudio Billboard, the acclaimed TV interview show that features top Latin artists performing in an intimate setting. Cobo has interviewed Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, among others. Leila has written two novels: Tell Me Something True and The Second Time We Met. Currently Leila is working on her fourth book with Penguin Group (Reaching #1).

Jenni Rivera’s incredible life of a warrior butterfly

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