A Facial Bone Contouring Surgery of Korean Plastic Surgery Which Makes You Beautiful Naturally

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Unlike in the past when the standard of beauty hugely relied on eyes and
nose, facial contouring has become a key factor to determining a
beautiful face.

Facial contouring surgery can be divided into 2, which enhances size and
facial line of cheekbone, square jaw, and chin and a bimaxillary surgery
operating on the bones of upper and lower jaw.

The number of people visiting a plastic surgery to receive a facial
contour surgery has increased recently. The preference of a facial
contour surgery is very high, because, except for case of severe
malocclusion, it gives patients the results what they want.

Unlike the bimaxillary surgery, facial contour surgery does not require
orthodontia and it has relatively shorter recovery period. There are
many patients suffer from a side effect of imprudent bimaxillary
surgery, and the plastic surgery participant has mentioned that a
bimaxillary surgery should not be used for cosmetic purposes.

The broad and prominent cheekbone may look strong and give
unsophisticated impression, and in case of where a frontal cheek is
short, a double chin may be stood out and mouth may look prominent. In
these cases, through facial contour surgery rather than a bimaxillary
surgery, the patients can have smooth and sophisticated impression, and
through a frontal osteotomy, the patients can have effect to enhance
protruded lip by making a frontal chin slimmer.

TL Plastic Surgery Korea’s representative director, Sewoon Choi has
recommended that “to make a natural and beautiful face shape, the
surgery should be operated after considering various factors including a
proportion of looks, and cubic effect of face”, and he also mentioned
that “it is critical to select a plastic surgery hospital which can give
trustworthy results by applying a proper operation method”.

Sewoon Choi who has developed a tightening contour surgery prevent
sagging after a facial contour surgery, has enhanced customer
satisfaction by enhancing a shape of face and skin muscle at the same

In addition, Sewoon Choi has highlighted that “to minimize side effects
and to have satisfied results, the patients should check that clinic has
plastic surgery specialist and anesthetist who have plentiful operation
experiences and knowhow, clinic has safety system and post management
system to handle rapidly during an emergency situation”.


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