A Preferred Choice for Consumers and Franchisees: 101 Mobility Is On the Right Track

Largest Franchise Provider of Accessibility and Mobility Equipment
Increases System-wide Sales by 93 Percent in Two Years; Poised to Open
10 Additional Locations in 2016 and Reach 100 Franchise Owners in Three

WILMINGTON, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Walking up the stairs. Getting in the car. Taking a shower. These are a
few of the daily tasks that would be nearly impossible for more than 30
million Americans without the help of mobility equipment. Effectively
supporting their diverse needs is a rising leader in the franchise
space: 101
. The nation’s first and largest full-service franchise for
accessibility and mobility equipment has quickly grown to more than 145
territories nationwide as demand accelerates among the aging and
disabled populations.

“Before 101 Mobility, the mobility and accessibility industry was highly
fragmented; communities didn’t have the support of a team of local
professionals to provide in-home consultations and install mobility
equipment correctly,” said Dave Pazgan, co-founder and president of 101
Mobility. “The team behind 101 Mobility’s founding saw the needs of the
industry were vastly diverse and not being properly served. We began by
building strong partnerships with the top manufacturers of mobility
products and placing a high focus on a customer experience that seeks to
inform customers about their possible solutions, rather than sell them
on products.”

Everyday, 10,000 people living in the U.S. turn 65¹. For the foreseeable
future, the demand for mobility equipment in private residences and
businesses throughout the United States will continue to rise. As this
large segment of the population reaches senior citizen age, they are
turning to mobility equipment in their homes as an alternative to
rehabilitation centers or assisted living. Serving residential,
commercial, and medical clients, 101 Mobility offers a wide range of
mobility equipment including: stair lifts, auto lifts, wheelchair ramps,
vertical lifts, porch lifts and more. The company also offers a rental
program for families who are experiencing a wide range of illnesses
resulting in evolving mobility challenges. This program provides
franchise owners with an additional recurring revenue stream and more
opportunities to be a valued partner in their communities.

The spending power of the wealthiest retired population in the history
of the country is one of the factors that has driven 101 Mobility to a
93 percent increase in revenue between 2013 and 2015. The franchise also
benefits from the large segment of the population affected by short-term
or life-long illnesses and disabilities. In fact, the growing market of
the disabled accounts for $175 billion in discretionary spending each

“The customer experience is where 101 Mobility has been able to stand
apart with our core values reflecting our commitment to providing a
level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry,” Pazgan
added. “Our franchise owners live in the communities they serve, they
care about the customer, they are passionate and are willing to go above
and beyond for their customers.”

Due to high consumer demand, 101 Mobility began franchising in 2010 and
added more franchises in the past year than in the previous two years.
Today, with 54 franchise owners operating more than 145 territories
across the United States, the company is on the fast track to adding
another 100 franchisees in the next five years in major markets
throughout North America. The company is looking for prospective
franchise partners who are interested in operating multiple territories
in major markets as well as owner-operators. Nearly 90 percent of 101
Mobility’s franchise system is comprised of multi-unit owners.

Outside of the market potential, 101 Mobility is attracting
entrepreneurs with a sophisticated and scalable alternative to the
already over-saturated elder care industry. Ambitious entrepreneurs have
the opportunity to fill a niche and build something bigger than
themselves in a rewarding and profitable industry. 101 Mobility provides
franchise owners with the ability to work on growing their business
while the home office actively supports them in various operational
areas, such as marketing, sales, vendor relations, etc. The ideal
franchise candidate doesn’t need previous industry experience; rather,
they should excel in building and managing teams, problem solving,
customer service and relationship building. With a relatively low
initial investment of $114,000 – $210,000, owners can begin building
capital almost immediately.

For more information about the franchise opportunity, visit: http://101mobilityfranchise.com/
or call 888-595-4612.




Founded in 2008, 101 Mobility franchises are among the nation’s first
full-service providers and installers of personal accessibility and
mobility equipment. Through solid partnerships with top manufacturers,
the company offers a full line of high quality products and equipment
for residential and commercial clients, including: stair lifts, auto
lifts, ramps, porch lifts, patient lifts, power wheelchairs, scooters
and more. 101 Mobility’s system of 50-plus franchises operating more
than 145 territories across the United States are backed by a team of
local professionals that provide free in-home consultations and install
mobility equipment with the safety and mobility needs of the customer in
mind. For more information, visit http://101mobility.com/.


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