Activehours Unveils Balance Shield to Help People Get More From Their Paycheck

New Feature Automatically Transfers Money When An Account Falls Below

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Activehours, the company that helps people get their pay when they want
it, today announced a new feature called Balance Shield that helps users
avoid overdraft fees. Balance Shield monitors users’ bank accounts and
automatically transfers up to $100 from their paycheck if their balance
falls below $100. This feature is another way Activehours gives users
more power and flexibility with how they’re paid compared to the
traditional bi-weekly pay cycle.

“We’re creating a future where money works better for everyone,” said
Ram Palaniappan, Activehours founder. “We’re using technology to create
smarter paychecks that work intelligently for people. With the old
school pay cycle, the money you’ve earned sits out of your reach while
you continue to have bills and daily expenses. With a smart paycheck,
your money goes where it’s needed, when it’s needed.”

The traditional pay cycle creates widespread and costly issues for many.
Nearly a quarter of people who frequently overdraft their accounts pay
the equivalent of one or more weeks of wages in these fees annually,
according to a recent
from The Pew Charitable Trusts. In total, Americans paid
$32.5 billion in overdraft fees in 2015, up from $31.7 billion the
previous year, according to the research firm Moebs Services. For those
who try to follow a budget, these fees can throw off financial planning
and stability.

LaDonna Moaney, an Activehours beta user from New Jersey, shared her
Balance Shield story, saying, “I was using Uber to run some errands. By
the time I reached my last destination of the day, I realized I would
have to overdraw my account a bit to get home. That’s when it happened.
Right before I had to call my last ride, my money from Balance Shield
came through and saved my butt.”

“At Activehours, we believe you should be paid for the work you’ve
already done when you want or need it, which is why we’ve given the
paycheck superpowers,” added Palaniappan. “There’s no reason for anyone
to have to wait two weeks or more to get access to their money. In a
world where technology gives us instant access to food, cars and more,
pay shouldn’t be any different.”

Balance Shield works best in conjunction with Lightning Speed, another
opt-in paycheck option from Activehours that gives people instant access
to paychecks rather than waiting for an overnight transfer. Lightning
Speed and Balance Shield combined create a smarter and faster paycheck
that reduces the stress of having to manage your money.

“As more and more Americans start to pay attention to their financial
health, it’s encouraging to see fintech innovators addressing some of
the challenges consumers face when managing their money,” said Jennifer
Tescher, president and CEO of the Center
for Financial Services Innovation
. “While regular bank balance
monitoring remains a critical financial health habit, a solution like
Balance Shield can be a helpful addition when money is tight.”

Anyone paid hourly with an online timesheet can download the app and
sign up for Activehours without their employer’s involvement.
Activehours is already working with people from over 10,000 companies.
Rather than charging fees or interest, Activehours is community
supported. People decide what to pay, based on what they think is fair
and what they can afford.

Balance Shield is available to all Activehours users on both Android and
iOS through an enrollment option on the app’s home screen. Additional
details about Balance Shield can be found here.

About Activehours

Activehours is revolutionizing the way people get paid and making money
work better for everyone. Instead of being stuck in the traditional pay
cycle, Activehours lets you access the money you’ve already earned when
you need it. Founded in 2013, Activehours is driving consumer-empowered
finance through mobile technology by freeing up more than $1 trillion
held up in America’s pay cycle. For more information on Activehours or
to download the app, visit


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