Addivant™ Receives Formal Approval from the FDA for Use of Its Nonylphenol-Free Antioxidant WESTON® 705 in Infant Food and Breast Milk Plastic Packaging

DANBURY, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#breakthroughsolutions–Addivant™, the world leading supplier of liquid phosphite antioxidants
for plastics, announced today that its nonylphenol-free stabilizer,
WESTON® 705, has received formal approval from the US Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) for use in infant formula and human milk plastic

It covers the use of WESTON® 705 at levels up to 2000 ppm in multiple
types of polymers for repeat use articles intended for infant formula
and breast milk, as well as in polymers intended for use with powdered
infant formula.

FDA has tightened even further its scrutiny on infant formulation using
the most stringent screening procedures for this application,” said John
Steitz, Addivant’s CEO. “WESTON® 705 has been developed to surpass
global regulatory standards providing a complete profile of its
Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS), allowing food packaging
companies to stay ahead of the industry curve. This approval from the
FDA for use in infant formula and human milk plastic applications
confirms the unique benefits of this new generation of antioxidants in
the most sensitive applications.”

Already approved for use in more than 180 countries for food contact
packaging, WESTON® 705 is the only nonylphenol-free liquid phosphite
antioxidant alternative with food contact approvals in the US, Canada,
Europe and China. This enables resin producers and packaging
manufacturers to employ a single, global solution for Consumer Packaged
Goods customers looking to stay ahead of the regulatory curve. The
result of more than seven years of research and investment, WESTON®705
is the most thoroughly tested new plastic antioxidant on the market

Addivant™ is dedicated to Responsible Care®, the chemical industry’s
initiative to protect the environment; while ensuring the safety and
security of our operations; and safeguarding the health and safety of
our employees and neighboring communities. The goal is to make
continuous progress toward the vision of no accidents, injuries or harm
to the environment. As active and responsible members of the communities
in which we operate, Addivant™ is committed to open communication with
our employees and neighbors. The company monitors the safe production,
transportation, and use of its products. Employees are comprehensively
trained to do their jobs safely and with minimum impact on the
environment. We care about the future — for all of us. To learn more
about WESTON® 705, visit

About Addivant™

Addivant™ is an innovator in the field of polymer additives, developing
customized solutions that provide customers enhanced application
performance, safe handling, and reduction in cost of use. The company is
recognized industry-wide for its extensive portfolio of specialty
additives including antioxidants, light stabilizers, rubber additives,
polymer modifiers, metal deactivators, polymerization inhibitors, and
intermediates. Addivant is an international company with 11 plants on
five continents, as well as research, manufacturing, and sales
facilities around the globe. The company maintains its global
headquarters in Connecticut, USA, with regional headquarters in Al
Jubail, Saudi Arabia, Basel, Switzerland, and Shanghai, China. Addivant
is an independent portfolio company of SK Capital. Visit
for more information.

About SK Capital

SK Capital is a private investment firm with a disciplined focus on the
specialty materials, chemicals and healthcare sectors. The firm’s
purpose is to build strong and growing businesses that create
substantial long-term economic value. SK utilizes its industry,
operating and investment experience to identify opportunities to
transform businesses into higher performing organizations with improved
strategic positioning, growth and profitability as well as lower
operating risk. SK Capital’s portfolio companies generate revenues of
approximately $8 billion annually and employ approximately 9,000 people.
The firm currently manages more than $1.5 billion of committed capital.
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