Adobe Senior Scientist’s High-Tech Photographs to Show at The Dryansky Gallery

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a unique initiative blending the worlds of art and cutting-edge
technology, Hovering:
Photographs at the Boundaries of Nature
, an exhibition of
large-scale works by theoretical physicist and Adobe
senior principal scientist Gregg
, will show at The
Dryansky Gallery
in San Francisco from March 31 to May 12, 2016.
Wilensky’s tech-enhanced natural landscapes began as photographs taken
during his travels in France and California. Using high fidelity optics
and tools he helped develop at Adobe, Wilensky enhances and amplifies
the subtle spaces and shapes found in nature that are normally not
perceived by the human eye.

Although the technological tools were created to provide precision for
commercial photography users to alter reality, Wilensky employs these
same tools to do the opposite: to allow us to visualize nature in a more
primal way, taking inspiration from knowledge of our own low-level
visual processing.

“Much of my professional career has focused on providing control and
precision to digital photography…I am interested in exploring the
opposite direction; what is the minimum needed for a photograph that is
still true to the medium and spirit of the image captured and yet can
stimulate our spirits?” Wilensky explains.

A senior principal scientist at Adobe since 1997, he is a self-taught
photographer and painter, beginning with darkroom experience learned
from his father, who photographed in World War II. According to gallery
owner and director Janel Dryan, Wilensky’s background as a physicist
allows for a depth of knowledge and deep investigative curiosity that is
rare among artists. His ability to bridge the arts with the
technological is significant as these two worlds are destined to grow
closer together.

Fully inhabiting his dual role as scientist and artist in this
exhibition, Wilensky exposes the edges of forms and plays with our
perception of the 3D plane. In this way, he allows us to hover between
truth and imagination, the real and the surreal.

Exhibition: Gregg Wilensky – Hovering
The Dryansky Gallery, 2120 Union Street, San Francisco

on View: March 31 – May 12, 2016

Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 31, 7–9pm

Artist Talk: Thursday, April 7,



for The Dryansky Gallery
Jilian Monribot, 415-932-9302