Advanced Surgical Procedure for Wrinkle Removal Called “POWER PULL SMAS LIFTING” Has Been Invented by TL Plastic Surgery

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Everyone wants to look younger no matter how old they are. From early
20s to mid age 40~50s, people who are struggling with deep and many
wrinkles will find it difficult to erase the sign of aging with general
skincare or cosmetics products. Therefore, those people often end up
undergoing Botox or filler treatments.

Despite the immediate effect of these treatments, people are also
required to have them on a regular basis. In order to fix these
problems, Facelifts and Forehead lifts were invented. These surgical
procedures have a remarkable effect, which compensates the shortcomings
of Botox and filler treatments. Facelifts are specially designed for
those who wish to tighten their skin as well as the entire face which
includes the wrinkles around eyes, forehead, nasolabial line. Forehead
lifts are suitable for those who have difficulty with opening their eyes
because of drooping and sagging skin. By undergoing the forehead lift,
these major problems can be fixed at one at the same time.

The director of TL plastic surgery, Dr. Jung Yeon-ho said, “Facelifts
are an ideal surgical procedure that can effectively improve wrinkles,
elasticity of the face and neck skin. Also he added, “Due to the minimum
incision, the patients will experience minor scar and swelling.
Furthermore, the recovery takes only one or two weeks. We developed
“POWER PULL SMAS LIFTING”, an improved face-lifting method which
minimizes scars and shortens the recovery period. To those who are
struggling with the uncomfortable feeling with opening their eyes, we
recommend forehead lifts and there are such a low chances of getting
side effects but provide its excellent safety.”

According to Dr. Jung, in order to get satisfying results on wrinkles,
he suggests to the customers getting precise diagnosis and consultation
from the doctor.

Dr. Jung Yeon-ho is a remarkable figure who is an expert at anti-aging
and lifting with his 20 years of experiences; he shows his consistent
enthusiasm about developing the surgical procedures through his academic


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