AGS FX Creations Ergonomic Backpack for Adults

Using Patented Technology To Make Carrying Load Feel Lighter

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–We are often plagued by our demanding work schedules and daily routines
which consume a handful of our time, leaving us with little room to wind
down and rest. Those living in large cities such as Hong Kong are more
prone to a hectic lifestyle resulting in an increased level of stress.
If stress is left unattended, it could affect the personal areas of our
lives. By understanding the negative impacts of stress, we try our best
to remove these burdens from everyone we come across. Thus it is with
excitement for us to announce that we have rolled out a patented
ergonomic backpack for adults
that uses our patented design and
materials to alleviate the feeling of a heavy bag – The Lancer Backpack.

The Lancer
is designed and engineered by our product development team
from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. It is made with the Anti
Gravity System™
(AGS™) which uses a highly elastic material,
Ultrabounce™, to create a bouncing reaction when the user walks –
similar to a suspension system. The greater the bouncing reaction, the
lighter the carrying load would feel. An internal lab test has
discovered that pressure is better distributed on the foot which results
in less energy being used when carrying an AGS™ backpack compared to a
regular backpack. The material used in the straps is also highly durable
as it can withstand 150,000 mechanical pulls within 48 hours without

Our designers chose an extra strength wrinkle-free nylon material for
the backpack to enable better durability while keeping a fashionable
allure. The inside of the backpack has multiple compartments to store
daily gadgets and accessories. A complimentary clothes bag is included
to give frequent travelers more flexibility. The Lancer Backpack is your
ideal companion whether it is for work or for travel. You can see the
full series here.

Patent and trademark number: 201610108348.1, 303262806, 303262789,
303354499, 303344480, 303354507, 303354462

About AGS FX Creations

AGS FX Creations is a sister brand of FX
. In addition to developing unique, functional and
innovative bags for users worldwide, AGS FX Creations will use patented
technology (AGS™) in certain series to alleviate burdens carried by
users. The brand aims to enable daily carriers to experience comfort
while maintaining a stylish look without effort.


FX Creations International Ltd.
April Cheng, 3653-3366