All Saints Catholic School Creates a Safe and Technologically Advanced Dual Language Learning Environment with NetRef

Saints Catholic School
’s 21st century learning and teaching
technology initiative has been bolstered with the installation of NetRef,
an Internet management tool that safeguards all web access points across
a school’s network and on all devices. With its intensive program for
biliteracy in English and Spanish, All Saints is one of only 19 Catholic
Dual Language Schools nationwide.

All Saints also participates in the The
Two-Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools
(TWIN-CS), a national
initiative advancing biliteracy and bilingualism now in 19 Catholic
elementary schools. The
Roche Center for Catholic Education
launched TWIN-CS
in the fall of 2012, with National
Catholic Education Association
(NCEA) support.

“At All Saints, we are committed to imbuing our students with the
linguistic and technological skills as well as a multicultural,
compassionate worldview that will best prepare them for the future,”
said Principal Arica
. “Technology helps foster language skills, so it plays a
critical role in our intensive bilingual curriculum and culture. Our new
investment in NetRef will help our teachers and students maximize the
web as an educational and collaborative learning tool.”

From pre-K to middle school, All Saints emphasizes parental investment
in education, community building and advancing social justice through
service. All Saints provides an education built on a foundation of
ministry, respect, and academic excellence to a community of diverse

As tablets replace textbooks, students are increasingly online in school
and have the potential to get distracted by social platforms, such as
Instagram and Snapchat. NetRef allows teachers to manage their classroom
Internet usage via an intuitive touch-screen panel. Teachers can program
domains and applications relevant to lesson plans and receive real-time
alerts when a student wanders off-task.

“As EdTech becomes more common, school leaders need tools that can
manage a host of devices without breaking the bank or requiring an IT
expert for installation and management,” said Verite Educational Systems
CEO George
who co-developed NetRef after searching for a solution for
his own children.

The software operates with all web browsers, including Microsoft
Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It also operates
with iOS, Android, ChromeBook and Windows, along with their respective


for Verite Educational Systems Inc.
Ellen Yui, M: 301-332-4135