Amano Dental Clinic (Japan) Launches Tooth Brushing App “Brush’n’Save” Created by Active Dentist to Ensure Cavity-Free Life for His Daughter

– Master the habit of correct brushing just like a game! –

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amano Dental Clinic (Director: Kiyoshi Amano) announces that it is now
offering Dr. Amano’s originally created brushing app “Brush’n’Save” in
an English version to 130 countries and regions all around the world.

Official website:

Tooth brushing app created by an active dentist

Dr. Amano, a currently active dentist, put his energy into creating this
app thinking of his own teenage daughter, who was a bit lazy about
brushing her teeth. He wanted his daughter to enjoy a life without
cavities. After its launch, the app has received extensive media
coverage and is hugely popular as one of the most downloaded apps in
Japan. A large number of dental clinics recommend this app as a great
tool for brushing instruction.

Benefits of using “Brush’n’Save”

1. People who are lazy about brushing their teeth are encouraged to
brush of their own initiative.
2. The habit of correct brushing is
naturally mastered.
3. Saving and competing for scores is fun,
providing an incentive to keep at it without getting bored.
Following the app instructions for brushing means you won’t miss any
5. Maintaining good oral hygiene helps prevent colds, which
are easily transmitted orally.

Creator’s comment

The word “Save” is included in the app name because, if you don’t
develop cavities or gum disease in the future, you can “save” the money
and time you would otherwise spend on dental treatment.

Outline of the app

Developed and distributed by: Kiyoshi Amano (DDS/MS), Amano Dental Clinic


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