Apira Science’s iGrow Becomes First Hair Growth Device Cleared by China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA)

Science, Inc.
continues its global expansion, receiving clearance
for the iGrow
Hair Growth System
in China. The iGrow is now the only hair growth
device to receive clearance from the China Food and Drug Administration
(CFDA) and the only device to have both U.S. FDA and CFDA clearance.
Apira will distribute the iGrow in China in partnership with China
Central Pharmaceuticals, one of the nation’s largest privately held
pharmaceutical companies, which has been Apira’s exclusive distributor
in the country since 2013.

“This clearance gives Apira access to China’s rapidly growing market for
hair loss treatments, and positions iGrow as the only proven hair loss
device available to Chinese consumers,” said Jeff Braile, president of
Apira Science. “We look forward to working with China Central
Pharmaceuticals to make this clinically proven low-level light therapy
(LLLT) treatment available to those individuals in this country
suffering from hereditary hair loss.”

“Given China’s enormous population and need for hair loss treatments,
the availability of the iGrow Hair Growth System to Chinese hospitals
and medical centers will be favorably received,” said Teng Ma, president
of China Central Pharmaceuticals. “Our collaboration demonstrates the
true power of partnership.”

The CFDA clearance elevates the iGrow within the 33.6 billion yuan ($5.5
billion) Chinese hair care market, in which sales of Western hair-loss
treatments grew 90 percent from 2007 to 2012. The announcement also
comes on the heels of clearances throughout Asia, including South Korea,
Thailand, and Singapore. China is the latest addition to the dozens of
countries where iGrow is already approved, including the United States,
Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, and India. iGrow is also available in all 28
European Union nations
, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

The iGrow Hair Growth System is an innovative, safe, and effective
hands-free LLLT hair growth device cleared by the FDA for at-home use.
In clinical studies, the iGrow’s patented red light technology, which
consists of a highly productive combination of red laser and LED diodes,
increased hair growth 37 percent after 16 weeks of therapy, and nearly
doubled total hair growth 10 weeks faster than hand-held laser combs and

For more information on the iGrow Hair Growth System, visit www.igrowlaser.com.

About Apira Science, Inc.

Apira Science, Inc. has pioneered low-level light therapy (LLLT) for
over a decade. Its iGrow Hair Growth Platform draws on its expertise and
innovations in the application of LLLT to deliver a simple, safe, and
effective hair growth treatment.


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