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Market Publishers presents April hot news on a number of selected

Metal Products Market

Aluminium production will slow down in 2016 given persistently low
prices. The world’s output is expected to grow by just under 4 percent
in 2016, while it grew by more than 8.4 percent a year earlier. China is
set to remain the market leader in the near term, with its output growth
being the highest one if compared to other countries. However, the
growth will be lower in 2016. It is unlikely to be more than 8 percent,
while it was 16 percent in w2015. In the meantime, copper production is
likely to contract in 2016 due to weak price environment. The global
output is expected to decline by 0.4 percent in 2016. Read more about
the metal products marketplace in the Metal
Products Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Polymers Market

China’s silicone rubber output stood at 870 thousand tones as of 2014.
The output of high-temperature vulcanised rubber was 366 thousand tones,
and that of room temperature vulcanised rubber was estimated at 480
thousand tonnes. As of 2015, the country’s silicone rubber output stood
at nearly 950 thousand tonnes, and an upsurge of 80 thousand tonnes as
against 2014. The consumption of rubber amounted to 930 thousand tonnes
as of 2015. Liquid rubber is the newest advanced silicone rubber which
finds wide application in automotive, medicine, electronic, and mechanic
industries. Currently, liquid rubber is in high demand whilst the market
is evolving and requiring more and more rubber products. Meantime,
polyimides enjoy versatile applications in applications requiring rugged
organic materials, such as displays, high-temperature fuel cells, and
different military roles. More in-demand polymers markets studies are at
hand in the Polymers
Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Fossil Fuel Market

As of 2015, the power generation sector dominated the world’s shale gas
marketplace. It accounted for approximately one third of the total
market, both in terms of volume and value. However, the industrial
sector is set to grow at the fastest pace in the upcoming years, and its
CAGR is expected to be around 13 percent. The USA occupies a position of
the world’s largest shale gas producer. This country may lose its market
share in the years to come since Europe will be the fastest growing
region in the near term, growing at a CAGR of 59.5 percent in terms of
volume. Find more valuable information on fossil fuel market trends in
the Fossil
Fuel Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Sporting Goods & Equipment Market

With the change that took place in rules of USGA, golf sticks are set to
become the fastest growing application in the market for sports
composites. Region-wise, APAC represents the swiftest growing
marketplace due to a number of factors, such as low labor costs, easy
availability of raw materials, launch of new plants by world’s
entrenched players, and more. Taiwan and China dominate the market for
composites-based sporting goods in this region. Globally, the increasing
demand for lightweight and high strength materials will be the key
growth driver. The global market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of
approximately 5.6 percent over the period 2016-2021, and it will be
worth USD 3.75 billion by 2021. For more details on sporting goods and
equipment market, please, visit the Sporting
Goods & Equipment Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Household Products Market

Worldwide, the market for bathroom and toilet assist devices is poised
to gather traction, registering 5.7% CAGR through to 2020. Increasing
government support and incentives to secure the availability of these
devices for consumers are giving a boost to the market. The upsurge in
the elderly and disabled population worldwide further propels the growth
of the sector. Additionally, the enhanced rate of adoption of this
user-friendly equipment by the disabled and the caregivers has
accelerated the growth of the global bathroom & toilet assist device
marketplace. APAC is set to post the highest CAGR over the forecast
period due to rising disabled population, a higher level of adoption of
advanced technology, and rising awareness in regard to assistive
devices. Meantime, within the laundry care market, the laundry
detergents category accounts for the majority of value and volume sales.
Dynamics in the sector on a global scale are set to determine the
roadmap of the laundry care marketplace. More comprehensive reports
covering a variety of household products sectors can be found in the Household
Products Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Diagnostic Equipment Market

Growing demand for optical brighteners from coated and uncoated paper
players emerges to be amongst key forces driving the global optical
brightener marketplace. As of 2015, Europe lead the global race, but
APAC is set to demonstrate the most rapid growth in the years to come,
both in terms of value and volume. Escalating demand for the brighteners
in China and India will be the major growth driver in this region.
Country-wise, The USA is the number one market, and China holds the
second position. The global market for optical brighteners is expected
to grow at a CAGR of almost 10 percent and it will be worth more than
USD 1 billion by 2020. More data on trends in diagnostic equipment
markets can be found in the Diagnostic
Equipment Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Specialist Stores Market

Demand for consumer health & beauty and personal care products went on
following an upward trend in Belgium as of 2015, however, this did not
give rise to the positive growth for retailers performing in the health
& beauty specialist industry. In the offing, the country’s health &
beauty specialist retailers sector is poised to grow by 2% in constant
2015 value terms. This moderately positive performance of the sector is
impacted by various factors: on the one hand, a better economic
environment and surging disposable incomes are likely to lead to higher
demand for more sophisticated products. On the other hand, price
pressure alongside expanding online retailing is set to adversely
influence the growth of the channel by value in the years to come. In
Japan, the health & beauty specialist retailers channel will likely
register CAGR 1% in the offing. The society where 30% of people are over
65 years old, healthcare optimisation is a pivotal issue for the public
and private categories alike. Health & beauty specialist retailers,
particularly pharmacies and drug stores, will likely play an enormous
role. More detailed specialist store markets reports are available in the
Store Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

Fisheries Market

The worldwide commercial fishing market is set to amount to USD 318
billion by end-2022, posting 4.13% CAGR to 2022. Ample availability of
various kinds of fish like cord, tuna and salmon, the increasing demand
for a diversity of seafood, and surging awareness about the seafood’s
health benefits are the key factors boosting the commercial fishing
market. In the meantime, there are a range of adverse effects induced by
commercial fishing, like the depletion of marine resources, which has
had unfavourable effects on the stocks. Nevertheless, elevated demand
for aquaculture is a leading market trend witnessed in the past few
years. India, Japan, Indonesia, China and Thailand take the lead in the
commercial fishing in APAC. Amid those, China accounted for over 30% of
the total market. The APAC region is the leader in the world’s fisheries
market by value, employment, and production. Following APAC, North
America grabbed the lion’s share, led by the USA. Diverse comprehensive
fisheries market research reports are offered in the Fisheries
Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Catalogue

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