Beach Front Property Management Reports Stellar 2015 Performance; 2014-2015 Performance Nets 39% Increase in Units under Management

13% Staffing Increase Required to Meet New Business Needs

LONG BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Beach Front Property Management, Inc. (“Beach Front”), a premier
third-party property management service provider, reported today its
2015 results with an increase of 15% in units under management to 5,207
on top of a 24% rise in 2014. The 17-year-old firm continues its growth
trajectory in 2016 with another 4% rise in the first two months alone.

Beach Front is directed by Founder and CEO Kyle Kazan, who is known for
his ability to transform distressed, multi-family unit properties into
high-occupancy buildings with increased pride-of-ownership and
above-market rates. The current occupancy rate on the units Beach Front
manages is close to 98%, not only because of the high demand in housing
in Southern California but also because the units themselves have been
properly attuned to support a sense of community.

“I’m extremely proud of the way our team performed in the past year,”
Kazan stated. “We’ve attracted many repeat clients and also many new
ones as our reputation continues to grow. Our staff has needed to
increase proportionately, as well, and we’ve seen a nearly 13% jump in
the past 12 months. I would not be surprised to see that number repeated
in 2017.”

Beach Front has built a reputation for helping owners and brokers with
troubled properties to transform them into highly rentable spaces.
Kazan’s background as a police officer and firsthand experience with
gangs, drugs and related issues has been invaluable in assessing
tenants, working to move gangs out of properties, and recognizing what
is needed to turn properties into above-average rentable units. For
these reasons and the quality of the Beach Front personnel, many clients
trust Beach Front with additional properties to manage.

From Beach Front’s client growth, Kazan perceives that the rental market
is “on fire” in Southern California.

“This strong market gives landlords opportunities to upgrade their
properties and increase their rental tiers,” Kazan pointed out. “In
turn, these improvements will better position and effectively protect
these properties when the next downturn arrives.”

About Beach Front Property Management, Inc.

Beach Front Property Management, Inc. was founded in 1999 to provide
quality third party, property management services. The company manages
more than 5,428 units in apartment communities and commercial buildings,
primarily in Southern California. Every client is assigned a regional
property supervisor to provide a superior level of personalized service.
Beach Front believes that complete dedication to residents creates
longevity and stable communities. For more information, please visit


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