BioTime Co-CEO Dr. Michael West Presents at Biomedical Innovation for Healthy Longevity, International Conference

Presentation topics include:

• BioTime’s Products in Development Addressing the Large and Growing
Markets in Age-Related Degenerative Disease; and

• New Insights into the Fundamental Biology of Human Aging

ALAMEDA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BioTime, Inc. (NYSE MKT:BTX) announced that Co-Chief Executive Officer
Michael D. West, Ph.D. delivered a presentation today at “Biomedical
Innovation for Healthy Longevity, International Conference” in St.
Petersburg, Russia.

Dr. West’s presentation is titled “Applied Gerontology: The Regenerative
Medicine Revolution” and describes the application of BioTime’s PureStem®
technology for the robust and reproducible generation of diverse cell
types for applications in aging. The presentation is available on
BioTime’s website at

The four-day conference features scientific leaders from around the
world to discuss recent breakthroughs in understanding the aging
process, as well as companies and institutions focused on applying the
technologies to human aging.

More information on the conference is available at

Background on Regenerative Medicine and Aging

Age-related degenerative diseases are commonly associated with the loss
or dysfunction of the cells in various tissues of the body. The clocking
mechanism for these changes may be the fact that human cells have a
finite capacity to replicate themselves in response to injury, a
phenomenon called the “Hayflick Limit.” Dr. West led the effort in the
mid-1990s that led to the identification of the immortalizing gene
called “telomerase” that could rewind the clock of cellular aging in
human cells. Indeed, the administration of telomerase allows human cells
to escape the Hayflick limit and replicate indefinitely, a phenomenon
designated “cell immortalization.”

Since that time, BioTime has demonstrated the youthful status of its PureStem®
cell types and even the reversal
of the developmental aging
of aged human cells by transcriptional
reprogramming. It has emerged as a significant leader in pluripotent
cell technology, with a product pipeline addressing age-related macular
degeneration, orthopedic disorders of aging, age-related metabolic
disorders, as well as other disease applications. A recent open
access review
by Dr. West describes the linkage of these insights
into human aging and the strategies to intervene in the biology of human
aging and is available for free download.

About BioTime

BioTime, Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on
developing and commercializing novel therapies developed from what we
believe to be the world’s premier collection of pluripotent cell assets.
The foundation of our core therapeutic technology platform is
pluripotent cells that are capable of becoming any of the cell types in
the human body. Pluripotent cells have potential application in many
areas of medicine with large unmet patient needs, including various
age-related degenerative diseases and degenerative conditions for which
there presently are no cures. Unlike pharmaceuticals that require a
molecular target, therapeutic strategies based on the use of pluripotent
cells are generally aimed at regenerating or replacing affected cells
and tissues, and therefore may have broader applicability than
pharmaceutical products.

In order to efficiently advance product candidates through the clinical
trial process, we have historically created operating subsidiaries for
each program and product line. This approach has fostered efficient use
of resources and reduced shareholder dilution as compared to strategies
commonly deployed by the biotechnology industry, as the various programs
and product lines have advanced through basic research and animal
studies. We and our subsidiaries now have four therapeutic product
candidates in human clinical trials, each of which addresses a large
market opportunity. In addition to the development of therapeutics,
BioTime’s research and other activities have resulted, over time, in the
creation of other subsidiaries that address other non-therapeutic market
opportunities such as cancer diagnostics, drug development and cell
research products, and mobile health software applications.

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