BM Corporation: ORJENA, a Good Cosmetic Product, Release of a New Product in the Botanical Line Using Yam Extracts

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Skin-care products using the ‘mucin’ ingredient, which is an extract
from snails, are recently gaining popularity mostly around roadside
shops. However, animal raw material is used when extracting snail mucus,
thus, there are many consumers feeling repulsion.

Within this situation, ‘ORJENA,’ a skin-care brand claiming to stand for
‘good cosmetic products’ is receiving attention by releasing the ORJENA
botanical line using yam extracts, instead of the mucin ingredient from

According to ORJENA, it has been proved that phyto mucin, which is
extract from yam, exhibits a more outstanding regeneration effect and
moisturizing force compared to the mucin ingredient from snails, as a
result of conducting an experiment through the Oriental Medicine
Bio-Industry Clinical Support Center of Semyung University of Korea. As
such, the company became to present the ORJENA botanical line using yam

Mucin is a muco-substance secreted from the mucous membrane of snails,
which plays the function of controlling the moisture level of the skin
and forming skin protective films. The phyto mucin ingredient extracted
from yam exhibits outstanding skin regeneration effect, in addition to
these functions, thus, creates a clean and elastic skin. In addition, it
shows the effect of soothing and detoxifying the toxin of the skin.

Accordingly, the ORJENA botanical line using vegetable raw materials as
the main ingredient is recognized as an eco-friendly product with
excellent safety.

The ORJENA botanical line is divided into basic cosmetic products such
as toner, emulsion, essence, serum, day cream, anti-aging cream, and eye
cream, and cleansing products, such as foaming cleansers. This line is
composed of hypo-allergenic cosmetic products that can be used with
assurance even on sensitive skin, as it has maximally excluded the use
of stimulus elements such as paraben, preservatives, and silicon, and
has been certified as wrinkle-improvement cosmetic products from the
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

In the meanwhile, ORJENA is planning to be presented in the 44th
China Guangzhou Beauty Exposition this coming March, at the time of
obtaining a sanitary license in China.


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