Bushmills Irish Whiskey Introduces New Blend “BUSHMILLS RED BUSH” to Its Award-Winning Portfolio

An Irish Whiskey for the American Bourbon Drinker

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Bushmills® Irish Whiskey
announces the launch of BUSHMILLS® RED BUSH™, the newest
addition to the range of malt-rich, blended whiskeys. Matured in bourbon
casks for a refined and exceptionally balanced flavor, the liquid
appeals to both bourbon enthusiasts and those new to Irish whiskey.

BUSHMILLS RED BUSH launches first in the United States as a testament to
the exponential growth the Irish whiskey category has experienced in
America in recent years. In a sea of green, BUSHMILLS RED BUSH comes to
market just in time to toast St. Patrick’s Day and beyond.

“While we’ve been innovating with our aged whiskeys for centuries, we’re
excited to embark on a journey with the millennial drinker,” says Colum
, Master Distiller at The Old Bushmills Distillery. “Maturing
the whiskey exclusively in first fill bourbon barrels creates a mildly
sweet and extremely smooth spirit that will resonate with frequent
bourbon fans and first time Irish whiskey drinkers.”

BUSHMILLS RED BUSH is a smooth blend of triple distilled Irish single
malt and fine Irish grain whiskey. On the nose, the amber spirit offers
intense aromas of toasted oak and vanilla. The palate is medium bodied
with hints of caramel and nutty flavors. It is a balanced, accessible
Irish whiskey with a subtle sweet finish, drawing new consumers to the
character and flavor profile unique to Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

The distillery, best known for its signature style of smooth, malt-rich
spirits, is situated on the rugged north coast of Ireland and holds the
title of Ireland’s oldest working distillery. Bushmills has proudly
offered a generous range of triple distilled blends and single malts for
over 400 years and has remained bold and unwavering along the way.
“BUSHMILLS RED BUSH personifies the gritty Irish character and adds a
sense of adventure and fun to our portfolio, further defining the
confident, courageous and independent spirit we’ve seen for generations
at Bushmills,” adds Egan.

Among the first of the Irish whiskeys to be imported to the U.S.,
American drinkers fond of whiskey and other brown spirits have enjoyed
the range of characterful smooth spirits from Bushmills since the 1800s.
BUSHMILLS RED BUSH is a new, versatile Irish whiskey best enjoyed neat
as a shot or with mixers like cola, soda and ginger ale.

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About Bushmills®
Irish Whiskey

Bushmills Irish Whiskey is crafted at The Old Bushmills Distillery,
Ireland’s oldest licensed distillery, at Bushmills, County Antrim,
Northern Ireland. The brand portfolio includes a range of quality
blended and fine single malts. Bushmills is one of few distilleries in
Ireland to use 100% malt barley to handcraft triple-distilled whiskey in
small batches. This is at the heart of all Bushmills whiskeys and
creates a unique combination of smoothness and richness. Visit Bushmills
online at www.bushmills.com
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