Business Email Solution, Timyo, Now Processing More Than 20 Million Monthly Messages on Journey to Fix Email

a business email solution that enables users to send and receive
messages that clearly communicate when, and what kind of response is
needed, today released a key metric demonstrating that more and more
users are willing to improve the way they email.

The digital communications startup reported processing more than 20
million emails each month since the beginning of 2017 and more than 211
million emails since its inception in 2016. These impressive results
show that, whilst the startup is still in soft launch, an increasing
number of users are enjoying the key benefit of Timyo: relieving the
stress related to email overload.

“Many people feel pressured to reply to work emails 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, but this email overload causes unnecessary stress and
productivity losses,” said Fabrice Dumans, Founder and Chief Executive
Officer of Timyo. “Timyo alleviates that pressure by allowing its users
to determine, at first glance, if and when a reply is needed. We spent
more than two years in research and development to put the dimension of
time at the heart of the email protocol. This enriched email protocol
means that our solution is available for all recipients, whether they
are using Timyo or not.

As an early adopter, Kevin Michaluk – Co-Founder and COO of Mobile
Nations says: “Timyo is not just a new email app or a nice added
feature. It’s a new philosophy of communication. Once you understand how
useful it is to send emails with clear expectations to your team, you
don’t want to go back to your old email habits.”

That feedback from an early tech savvy is corroborated by a recent
survey among Timyo users showing that:

  • 78 percent of users said that Timyo has made managing their inbox
  • 70 percent of users said that sending email with clear expectation
    helps improve clarity in communication.

Timyo was founded in 2013 by two French entrepreneurs, based in L.A and
has secured more than $6.5 million in funding since inception.

Timyo is constantly evolving to provide new services and a better user
experience through periodic software updates. Timyo’s app is already
available on iOS and Android devices as well as on desktop via the Timyo
plugin for Chrome, Outlook and Office 365. Timyo is also compatible with
Gmail,, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo and all major others IMAP
providers, with Exchange support and Apple mail coming soon.

For more information about Timyo and its services, visit,
or follow on Twitter.

About Timyo:

Timyo is an email solution designed to respect everyone’s most precious
resource – time. Built on the belief that taking control of your own
time is essential to happiness, Timyo allows users to send and receive
emails that clearly communicate, at a glance, exactly what kind of
response is needed and when a response is expected, making it easier
than ever to prioritize emails that matter. Users can quickly sort
through emails and assign a time for dealing with each message, whether
that’s today, tomorrow or later. Timyo also offers a reply tracker that
alerts users when a reply is pending or overdue to avoid missing
deadlines. It is easily integrated with a variety of storage service
providers including Box, Google Drive and Dropbox for seamless file
sharing. Emails are never stored on Timyo servers and are transmitted
with encryption protocols to ensure privacy and security.


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