Chicago Virtual Charter School Begins 2016-2017 School Year

– Online K-12 school program offers Chicago families an educational
alternative –

Virtual Charter School
(CVCS), a full-time, online public school
available to Chicago students in grades K through 12, will begin the
2016-2017 school year on September 6. CVCS educates students through a
blended learning model – combining online learning with weekly in-person
instruction at the CVCS Learning Center.

CVCS students use an engaging online curriculum that is supplemented
with hands-on materials and the instruction of state-certified teachers.
The curriculum is designed to support each student’s unique learning
style. Advanced learners can enjoy the ability to move ahead more
quickly than they might be able to in a traditional classroom, and
explore topics of interest more deeply. Students can also opt to
progress more slowly through the lessons and concepts that they find
more challenging.

“Chicago Virtual Charter School encourages students to develop a true
grasp of the skills and material,” said Dr. Richard Lebrón, Head of
School at Chicago Virtual Charter School. “We strive to provide every
student with the best support and individual attention, working closely
with all our families to ensure their students are set up for success.”

CVCS provides core courses in language arts/English, math, science,
history and art to students in grades K-8. High school students can
access Advanced Placement® courses, as well as up to four
levels of world languages. As a public school option, there is no
tuition, and students graduate with a high school diploma that meets all
state requirements.

CVCS students receive instruction from their teachers during live,
interactive online classes, as well as through recorded sessions. At
least once per week, students attend the CVCS Learning Center, where
they receive direct instruction and support from certified teachers and
staff. The CVCS Learning Center, centrally located in the West Loop,
gives students opportunities to collaborate with their peers in
classrooms, receive individual remediation and enrichment, and foster
school community. This unique blended model gives families a quality
school choice and provides students an exciting public school option
with greater flexibility and self-pacing.

Teachers are also available to students and their Learning Coaches via
email, phone and one-on-one online instruction. CVCS teachers strive to
form a partnership with Learning Coaches so that students’ challenges
and achievements can be more closely addressed.

CVCS hosts online information sessions to help parents and children
learn more about the program. For more information on the school, visit

About Chicago Virtual Charter School

Chicago Virtual Charter School (CVCS) is a full-time, online public
school available to Chicago students in grades K through 12. CVCS is a
pioneer in blended learning – combining online learning with onsite
instruction at the CVCS Learning Center. As part of Chicago
Public Schools, CVCS is tuition-free, giving parents and families the
choice to access the award-winning curriculum and tools provided by K12
Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s largest provider of proprietary
curriculum and online education programs. For more information about
CVCS, visit:


Chicago Virtual Charter School
Donna Savarese, 703-436-3273