Consumer Group Launches “Know the Value” Campaign

New effort to help raise awareness about the importance of energy to

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ColoradoEnergyConsumer
Energy Alliance (CEA)
today launched a new educational campaign
called “Know
the Value”
focused on educating Coloradans on the central role that
energy plays in their everyday lives. Without Colorado energy, many
industries and activities that Coloradans may take for granted could
become inaccessible to many.

As part of the campaign, CEA is releasing a series of ads and videos
highlighting industries directly impacted by production of energy in
Colorado, including agriculture,
and medical
. From the plastics used in manufacturing life-saving
healthcare equipment to durable, waterproof fibers in sportswear and the
energy required to power ski resort chairlifts, this campaign focuses on
connecting the dots to tell the story of how fossil fuels are very much
a part of Coloradans’ daily lives.

“Since energy makes just about everything that touches our lives on a
daily basis, from the food and drinks we consume to the clothes we wear
and the cars we drive, CEA is pleased to launch this unique effort to
help alleviate some misinformation,” said David Holt, CEA’s President.
“By engaging more with Colorado consumers to advance the real facts on
hydraulic fracturing and other forms of energy production, we look
forward to thoughtfully answering questions for Coloradans and engaging
them to proactively support Colorado energy. If Colorado continues to
lead on its energy and environmental policies, our lives will be more
rewarding and our economy will continue to grow.”

“With four prospective ballot initiatives in Colorado that would limit
or ban oil and gas production in the state, now is the time for
Coloradans to learn more about the potential effect on both Colorado’s
businesses and consumers,” said Andrew Browning, Executive Vice
President of CEA. “We are pleased that our ‘Know the Value’ campaign
will provide Colorado consumers with information on the benefits of
Colorado energy and tools to share new developments broadly across the

“Energy is a critical ingredient for a robust economy and powers every
American industry including such critical sectors as agriculture,
automotive, chemicals and steel,” said Jennifer Diggins, immediate past
Chairwoman of CEA and Director of Public Affairs for Nucor Corporation.
“As the largest steel producer in the U.S. and a significant investor in
the development of Colorado natural gas, we are pleased that CEA is
taking this important step to educate consumers on the important role
energy plays in our everyday lives.”

“Given the tremendous impact of energy on agriculture, we couldn’t be
happier to support CEA’s ‘Know the Value’ campaign,” said Chad
Vorthmann, Executive Vice President of Colorado Farm Bureau. “Just as
the majority of Colorado farmers depend on fertilizer made from natural
gas to help grow their crops, they also rely on oil and gas to fuel
their tractors, keep food clean and refrigerated, and transport it from
the field to your dinner plate.”

the Value”
goes live today with the launch of a website (,
video series and information campaign that will be supported by
advertising across Colorado. For more information visit

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