Creative Medical Technologies, Inc. Announces Filing of Female Sexual Dysfunction Patent

Company Aims to Apply Regenerative Medicine Technology to Address
Problem Believed to Affect Up to 40% of Women

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Creative Medical Technologies, Inc. (CMT) announced today filing of a
patent covering regenerative technologies for the treatment of a subset
of women suffering from sexual dysfunction associated with vascular
abnormalities. The patent covers uses of various proteins obtained from
regenerative cells, including stem cells, which are potentially useful
in addressing sexual dysfunction in a subset of women who are unable to
achieve sexual arousal due to insufficiencies of blood flow.

“Peer reviewed publications have previously shown that vaginal
engorgement and clitoral erection depend on increased blood inflow.
Atherosclerosis is associated with vaginal engorgement insufficiency and
clitoral erectile insufficiency1,” said Thomas Ichim, Ph.D.,
board member of CMT and inventor of the patent application. “Through
utilization of regenerative technologies to augment blood flow, we
believe we have a series of potential therapeutic candidates that can
address this unmet medical need.”

The principle of leveraging regenerative medicine in the form of stem
cells to increase blood flow to atherosclerotic tissue was successfully
demonstrated by members of the CMT team, who previously utilized
cellular-based therapies to treat diseases associated with vascular
deficiencies in animal models2 and pilot clinical trials3.
CMT is applying these same principles, using different regenerative
medicine approaches, to sexual dysfunction. In many cases, both male
sexual dysfunction, in the form of erectile dysfunction, and female
sexual dysfunction have an association with reduced blood flow to
critical tissues.

CMT has previously patented4 and published data on the first
patient treated5 using stem cell therapy for erectile
dysfunction. The current patent is a continuation of existing research
and expansion into a new market that is largely unaddressed by current

“According to a peer-reviewed publication authored by researchers at
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center6, approximately 40% of women
suffer from sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives7.
We believe that addressing this unmet medical need using regenerative
medicine has the potential to offer greater benefit with superior safety
profile,” said Timothy Warbington, President and Chief Executive Officer
of CMT.

Creative Medical Technologies, Inc. is a spinoff company from Creative
Medical Health, Inc., which develops novel regenerative medicine and
stem cell technologies in the areas of male and female sexual
dysfunction and male infertility; cardiovascular disease (AngioStem Inc.
another Creative Medical Health Inc. spinoff); treatment of insulin
resistance related to Type 2 Diabetes; autoimmune diseases and disc
degenerative disease.

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Creative Medical Technologies, Inc.
Timothy Warbington, 602-680-7439