Design-your-own Kids Clothes Start-up the Patchery Announces Fall & Winter Line in Time for the Holidays, which allows families to easily custom design
original outfits, to offer extended sizes from 2T-10 in time for the

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Just in time for the holidays, The Patchery (,)
the design-your-own kids clothing website that allows families to mix
and match fabrics to create their own custom designs, has announced its
fall / winter line. That line, dropping in October, includes hoodies,
jumpsuits and dresses in addition to t-shirts and pants. Many products
are now offered in sizes 2T-10.

was developed in response to the trend in moms eager to
be part of the custom-made movement, particularly with children clothes.
It is the brainchild of Amber Gunn Thomas, a Minnesota mother of two,
who wanted to bring parents into the clothing-design process.

“The Patchery makes a great gift. Either you can design something
special for the kids in your life, or you can sit down with them and
design something unique together,” Gunn Thomas explains. “We make with
you, not for you. You come in the online design studio with us and make
something original.”

The Patchery website also includes tight integration with popular social
networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, allowing visitors to
share their designs with friends and family both before and after they

Amber Gunn Thomas added that she sources fabrics from U.S. companies,
and hires independent sewing contractors located in Minnesota.

“I’m a mom, too. I struggle this time of year because although I want my
kids to have a joyful morning of opening gifts, I also can’t stand the
thought of adding another toy to the pile of neglected toys in our
house. With The Patchery, your child gets to experience designing his or
her own clothes. How cool is that?” Gunn Thomas says.

About the Patchery

The Patchery is a design-your-own kids clothing company. On
customers pick their products (t-shirt, dresses, pants, etc.,) mix and
match the fabrics to create a custom design, save and share their
designs through social media, and lastly place their order. Then we
custom-make their garments and deliver in about three weeks.


The Patchery
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