Digital Insight Provides FICO® Score Open Access for Financial Institutions to Offer to Their Customers and Members

FICO® Score access helps educate consumers about their
financial health

, an NCR company and leader in digital banking solutions, has
partnered with FICO to bring the FICO® Score Open Access
program to its financial institution customers. The program enables the
financial institution to share with their customers the same FICO®
Scores used to manage their accounts. The customer may view their score,
see its relative strength within a score meter, and access FICO®
Score education including their score history and key factors that
impacted the score.

“We are always looking for ways to provide our financial institution
customers value they can pass along to their end users,” said Jeff
Hughes, general manager of Digital Insight and CTO of NCR Financial
Services. “Offering FICO® Scores gives financial institutions
the ability to educate consumers on their finances and increase customer

FICO® Scores provide a fair and objective evaluation of a
customer’s credit history and their likelihood to repay their debt
obligations. FICO® Scores are a key factor that lenders look
at when evaluating loans.

For financial institutions, sharing FICO® Scores with their
customers and members creates an opportunity for increased interaction
via online banking. End users will be able to log into their accounts to
see their score and utilize other offerings within their online banking
session. Once logged into their account, in a single click a user can
know their FICO® Score, the relative score strength, key
score factors and 12 months of historical scores and factors.

By disclosing FICO® Scores to their customers and members,
financial institutions will be able to:

  • Help customers and members understand their financial health; when it
    comes to credit, knowledge is power.
  • Provide an additional touch point and service via their online banking
  • Gain trust and increase the likelihood that users will think of their
    financial institution first for additional financial needs.

Digital Insight supports FICO® Score models for all three
major Credit Reporting Agencies. Digital Insight clients interested in
this offering should contact their Digital Insight relationship manager.

About Digital Insight

, an NCR company, helps banks and credit unions achieve their
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