DinnerCall Launches On-Demand Marketplace for Family Dinners

Mobile commerce solution enables grocers to capture dinnertime sales
outside of the store

a mobile marketplace for family dinners, enables grocers to capture
family dinner sales outside of the store, before families think of fast
food, restaurants and other meal alternatives. Leveraging existing deli
infrastructure and inventory, the DinnerCall platform aggregates future
consumer demand for “dinners of the day,” allowing grocery employees to
prepare and package a dinner within minutes of a customer’s arrival for
curbside pickup.

“In the last 12 years, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges and
opportunities for innovation in the grocery prepared meal space. Grocery
has the infrastructure to provide a delicious dinnertime solution to
millions of households each day, they simply need the technology to
profitably execute on this opportunity,” said Gerry Hays, co-founder and
CEO of DinnerCall. “Engaging families outside the store when they are
thinking about tonight’s dinner creates a new daily revenue stream with
zero food waste.”

Using DinnerCall, grocers will offer daily ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat
meals that family dinner decision makers can order in advance through
the DinnerCall app. The deli employees then prepare the meals and
deliver them curbside to waiting customers. The platform allows grocers
to meet the growing demand for fresh and convenient food, while reducing
food shrink in stores. For family dinner decision makers, this means
that fresh and affordable meals become even easier to get, so they can
spend time focused on having more family meals around the dinner table.

“With DinnerCall, we are able to close dinnertime sales before we even
start cooking for the day,” said Judson Naifeh, CEO of Naifeh’s Food
Store. “This technology allows us to better meet the dinnertime demand
by offering our customers more family-style options we already know they
love, in a convenient and affordable way.”

By optimizing revenue and reducing shrinkage through DinnerCall, grocers
can profitably offer customers the on-demand meals they want, and
ultimately recapture billions in family dinner spend taken by fast food,
restaurants and other meal alternatives.

DinnerCall’s mobile commerce platform is launching pilots in select
grocery stores this month. To learn more about DinnerCall or become a
pilot grocery retailer, visit DinnerCall.com.

About DinnerCall

Founded as a public benefit corporation, DinnerCall not only seeks to
maximize profits for grocers, but also get families back to the dinner
table. DinnerCall’s m-commerce platform is the second evolution of its
app, which launched in 2015 as the hub for The
Billion Family Dinners Challenge
, a social movement to get families
back to the dinner table. Currently the DinnerCall app allows
participants to upload images from family dinners to instantly share on
social media, track other family dinners in progress and enjoy
conversation starters. The DinnerCall app is available through iTunes
and Google


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