DonJoy Performance Introduces POD® Ankle Brace

Untape With New “Protection On Demand” Ankle Brace

VISTA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DonJoy Performance, the consumer division of leading global provider of
medical device solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health and
pain management, DJO Global, Inc., today announced the product
introduction of the Protection On Demand™ Ankle Brace (POD). Featuring
patent-pending technology, the POD Ankle Brace is designed to engage
specifically when needed to proactively resist ankle roll and other
common ankle injuries.

Ankle injuries are some of the most common injuries during physical
activity. With football season right around the corner, the POD Ankle
Brace helps to provide ankle protection to all athletes from the youth
player to the elite athlete. Taping has been the traditional method for
ankle protection. However, POD, unlike taping, provides freedom of
movement, adjustability and stability without breaking down, allowing
athletes to maintain or improve their footwork and speed. POD is also 30
percent lighter than the average ankle brace, and features super soft
EVA lining, low profile cuff and adjustable underfoot closure. Designed
for all athletes of all sports, the POD Ankle can be worn to support one
weak ankle or worn on both ankles to help reduce the risk of injuries.

“DonJoy Performance is committed to helping athletes stay healthy and
injury-free so they can keep playing the sports they love. Through use
of the POD Ankle Brace, athletes who participate in sports like soccer,
lacrosse, football and basketball can play with confidence, limiting the
worry of turning or rolling their ankles from aggressive moves,” says
Charlie Setzler, GM of DonJoy Performance.

DonJoy Performance leveraged Australian protective equipment company,
POD Active, to bring the Human Motion® and POD technologies to market in
an ankle brace. POD technology allows the body to move naturally,
engaging only as the ankle enters into an “at risk” position. By
allowing the body to move without restriction throughout the safe,
natural motion zone, the POD Ankle Brace is comfortable and supportive
at the same time.

“POD Active is focused on designing products for modern athletes, and
we’ve seen tremendous success using Human Motion technology in our
products. When it came to the ankle technology we chose to work with
DonJoy Performance to ensure we met the needs of athletes across an
expanded array of sports, and the brand is dedicated to providing
consumers with market-leading products that are innovative, accessible
and of the highest quality. The new POD ankle is a game changer,” said
POD Active Managing Director, Geoff Maloney.

The POD Ankle Brace is available in Black and White, with a MSRP of
$79.99. To learn more about the POD Ankle Brace, visit the DonJoy
Performance website at

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