EpiQ Games Inc., announces MAGIC WORLD OF WORDS: A Word-Based Role Playing Game Soft Launched Exclusively in Canada

“Magic World of Words is the culmination of the
entrepreneurial skills and the amazing creativity of young Canadians.”
Desmeules, President, EpiQ Games

SAGUENAY, Québec–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Les jeux EpiQ Inc. / EpiQ Games Inc., a Canadian indie software
development studio, is proud to announce the release of its very first
game, Magic World of Words, now available exclusively in
Canada for 3 months only from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod
touch, as well as from the Google Play Store. EpiQ Games, a young,
dynamic, Canadian company, wants to give the entire Canadian population
a chance to be among the first players in the world to try Magic
World of Words
! The game will be available as of December 2015
in all Anglophone and Francophone country worldwide.

Magic World of Words is the only game in the world to
combine aspects of word games and role-playing games.

Target Population

Since each battle lasts less than 2 minutes, and that the game can be
played as long as the player wishes, Magic World of Words
is suitable for all players, regardless of their age, who use their
tablet or Smartphone for entertainment. The game will most appeal to
fans of crossword puzzles, word-search games, Scrabble or Boggle, be
they novice or expert players. Available in English and in French, Magic
World of Words
can also be used to improve knowledge of a second

Role-Playing Aspect

In Magic World of Words, the player is a wizard who
progresses by accomplishing feats using letters and words. By fighting
epic battles against opponents, the player obtains rewards, improves
characteristics and discovers new worlds where the wizard is faced with
increasingly terrifying and knowledgeable adversaries.

Word Games Aspect

In Magic World of Words, the player must form words to
score points against opponents. As in Scrabble or Boggle, the longer the
word, and the more uncommon letters it contains, the more points the
word is worth. Interestingly, by forming special words found in the
wizard’s library, such as F-I-R-E or B-O-M-B, the player can burn or
blast opponents. Also, unlike other games in its category, Magic
World of Words
allows the player to reuse previously selected
letters to create even longer and more powerful words.

Watch the YouTube video or download Magic World of Words now
from YouTube,
or the company’s Website. The Magic World of Words app is
now available for free in Canada on Google Play and in the App Store for
iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XekL1Os7Zo

Follow Magic World of Words on Twitter: @MagicWOWords


Les jeux EpiQ Inc. / EpiQ Games Inc.,
Patrick Desmeules,