Experienced Banking Industry Executives Add Strength to Board of Directors of Virtual Piggy, Inc.

Käthe Anchel Joins as Virtual Piggy CEO and Martha Snider Joins
Virtual Piggy as Chairman of the Board

Piggy, Inc.
(OTCQB: VPIG), provider of award-winning payment
technology, Oink, announced today the addition of Käthe Anchel to
Virtual Piggy as CEO, and Martha McGeary Snider to Virtual Piggy as
Chairman of the Board.

Käthe Anchel (pronounced Kayta) joins with more than 15 years of
diversified experience leading across product, design and strategy
organizations. Käthe has dedicated her career to building – and
nurturing teams that build – impactful digital product experiences and
platform business models.

With a focus on bridging payments technologies with content and
commerce, she has worked with global leaders in finance, mobile
payments, education, healthcare, retail and content to launch and grow
products and brands. Prior to joining Oink, Käthe served as a leader
within the Global Consumer Products team of PayPal and previously at
eBay Enterprises heading up product experience design.

With a passion for delivering solutions to the youth market, Käthe will
lead Oink into the youth payments space that not only connects young
people and families with a safe, secure way to receive, manage and spend
money, but also delivers the last mile of financial literacy for 21st
century youth. In her free time, Käthe pens young adult novels and is
the mother of two boys and a girl (aka her captive focus group).

“I am energized to join this venture at a time when, as parents (and as
a company), we’re competing for the attention of our young people with
streaming media content that is exploding in quantity, diversity and
channel distribution. How do you tackle something like financial
literacy and safe commerce in a world like this? We start with fueling
experiences and conversations that give young people the tools and a
foundation for how to measure and create value. How our world structures
and perceives the complex idea of value – whether it is the value of
currency, time, services, ideas, or connections – greatly influences a
young person’s view of their own self-worth and opportunities for
growth,” said Käthe Anchel, CEO of Virtual Piggy. “Our mission is to
become a platform for change that empowers young people to make smart
choices around the things they value in life, setting them up to become
financially responsible and impactful citizens.”

Anchel added that, “as a parent, sometimes it can seem like it is easier
to talk about sex than it is to talk about money. But we as parents come
by this honestly. Historically, financial literacy has been an elective
at best, absent from most curriculums and avoided in family dialog. If
we’re going to truly prepare our children for the real world, we need a
catalyst for building new habits and for starting new conversations. We
believe we can be that catalyst.”

Martha McGeary Snider has served as the chair of the Board of Advisors
for Virtual Piggy, Inc. since 2012. Her role in the company is inspired
by her desire to empower the younger generation to become financially
literate and socially active change-makers across the world. She is an
award-winning philanthropist, business and cultural consultant and is
recognized as an innovative and strategic leader. Ms. McGeary Snider
served as Policy Advisor on Arts and Culture, Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, under Governor Edward G. Rendell’s administration. She
serves on numerous national and international philanthropic boards
focusing on education advocacy and cultural enrichment. Ms. McGeary
Snider received The President’s Volunteer Service Award for her
distinguished contributions in philanthropy. Her expertise and success
in fund raising, networking and marketing brings strength to the board’s
collective qualifications, skills and experience.

“Being a part of building a safe and easy way for the younger generation
to be financially literate social change agents is an inspiring
opportunity. I am proud to serve as chair of the board of directors and
to be a part of a team that is focused and dedicated to creating tools
that empower our youngest generation,” said Ms. McGeary Snider about her
new role as Chairman of the Board for Virtual Piggy.

“I am thrilled to be collaborating with Käthe Anchel, whose deep and
respected experience in the e-commerce industry and hands-on insights as
an active mother will inform and guide our dedication to serve the
expanding and promising world of young mobile consumers; our future,”
added Ms. McGeary Snider in regards to the addition of Ms. Anchel to
Virtual Piggy’s leadership.

“I’m pleased to be leading this mission and joining at the same time as
Martha, whose record of nurturing organizations for social change will
be critical to propelling us forward,” said Ms. Anchel.

Oink promotes financial management while empowering millennials and
generation Z to make purchasing, saving and other money management
decisions for themselves, within set boundaries. Oink’s technology
serves as a digital wallet, supported by the Oink Card, a Discover
prepaid card that allows safe and secure transactions.

For information about Oink visit www.oink.com

About Virtual Piggy, Inc.

Virtual Piggy, is the provider of Oink, a secure online and in-store
youth wallet. Oink enables kids and teens to manage and spend money
within parental controls while gaining valuable financial management
skills. In addition to the Oink Card, named Best in Category in the Head
of the Class category of the 2015 Paybefore Awards, the technology
company also delivers payment platforms designed for the under 21 age
group in the global market and enables online businesses the ability to
function in a manner consistent with the Children’s Online Privacy
Protection Act (COPPA) and similar international children’s privacy
laws. The company, based in Hermosa Beach, CA, is on the Web at: www.oink.com
and holds three technology patents, US Patent No. 8,762,230, 8,650,621
and 8,812,395.

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