F4CP Celebrates Super Bowl 50 with NFL Chiropractors for the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos

GEORGETOWN, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Super Bowl 50 will showcase the leading players in the National Football
League, with Joshua Kollmann, DC and Brad Wiest, DC – team chiropractors
for the Carolina Panthers – and Shawn Caldwell, DC, team chiropractor
for the Denver Broncos, helping players achieve optimal performance. The Foundation
for Chiropractic Progress
(F4CP), a not-for-profit organization
dedicated to raising awareness about the value of chiropractic care,
points out that all 32 NFL teams include the professional services of a
doctor of chiropractic (DC) as part of their integrated health care team

Marking their fifth year with the Carolina Panthers, Drs. Kollmann and
Wiest highlight the integrative role of chiropractic care: “We are in
the stadium training room twice a week – and more often during play-offs
– addressing specific sports injuries or providing preventive,
maintenance care that the athletes want in order to achieve peak
performance. Every player is individually assessed and the treatment
plan is communicated and discussed with the training staff. Since the
physical nature of the sport really impacts body structure, many players
look forward to their pre- and post-game spinal and extremity
adjustments as well as other advanced approaches.”

Shawn Caldwell, DC, who has served the Denver Broncos since 2004 and is
now preparing for his second Super Bowl, says, “I work hand-in-hand with
the athletic trainers and focus on performing chiropractic spine and
extremity adjustments that restore joint function. The goal is to enable
players to perform optimally or heal from injuries. I am at the facility
two-three times weekly or more if necessary. Some players get an
adjustment every time I am in the training room, while others when they
are symptomatic so they can return to the playing field.”

According to Kyle Prusso, DC, team chiropractor for the Oakland Raiders
since 2005 and president of Pro
Football Chiropractic Society
, an organization of chiropractors who
provide the highest quality chiropractic health care to the elite
athletes of professional Football: “It’s great to see chiropractic care
integrated in all facets of health care, especially in professional and
amateur sports. One of the reasons is that athletes are asking for us,
with increased player requests driving utilization of chiropractic
across all sports. Athletes are very in tune with their bodies and
recognize that chiropractic care can boost optimal performance levels.”

All doctors are passionate about their roles as team chiropractors to an
NFL Super Bowl contender, as Dr. Kollmann says, “I am humbled by this
position and want the world to know that this is a great time to be a
chiropractor. It means the world to me to ignite and advance our
profession – especially for those who are pursuing a chiropractic
education as well as veteran professionals. We are igniting the
profession and honor those DCs who pioneered the opportunities that have
helped us to become a part of the NFL teams.”

Dr. Caldwell, who is also the chiropractor for the Colorado Rockies
Major League Baseball team, sums it up, “Chiropractors are playing an
important role in the health care and performance of professional
athletes. This is a fantastic experience for us and for the players.”

Doctors of chiropractic receive a minimum of seven years of higher level
education, and are qualified to diagnose, treat and manage a broad
spectrum of health conditions. They are the primary care professionals
for spinal health and well-being. For athletes, chiropractic care helps
to reduce the risk of injuries, and improve health and performance
through enhancements in range of motion, flexibility, balance, muscle
strength and other key factors.

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