FabZat’s Phygitoys SDK Now Available for Game Developers to Tap into the Billion Dollar Global Smart Toys Market

Game Developers Can Now Create NFC and QR Code-Enabled Game Figures
Seamlessly with FabZat Technology and Services

BORDEAUX, France & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, FabZat released its “Phygitoys SDK” to mobile developers
worldwide. The Phygitoys SDK enables developers to create mobile digital
games that synchronize with 3D printed figures through near field
communication (NFC) signals or QR code technology. Smart toys, also
called “phygital” (physical-digital) toys, are the new frontier of
gaming. The NPD Group recently reported that 40% of U.S. parents already
own at least one smart toy franchise in the home and 65% plan to make
purchase in the next six months. Surveyed households spent an average of
$131 on smart toys from brands like Activision’s Skylanders, Disney
, Nintendo’s amiibo and Lego Dimensions.

FabZat is already announcing key partners around Phygitoys:

  • Twinsprite, the most complete service to manage players’ figures data
  • Tweechi from Fuzzy Face Studios, a Twitter powered virtual pet!
  • Minetoys, leading Minecraft toys provider.

Florent Pitoun, FabZat CEO and co-founder, said: “While there’s a proven
market demand for interactive gaming and smart toys, most game
developers have typically faced hurdles for entering this market, such
as the technology complexity, production costs, and scalability for
distribution and production. Our Phygitoys SDK and our well-established
3D printing solution solve these key issues. We’re eager to help this
market grow to its full potential.”

Today’s release of the Phygitoys SDK is a major step in enabling mobile
game developers to seamlessly enter the smart toys market. The SDK

  • Detection of both the NFC signal and QR code, and matching players
    with accounts and previous purchases
  • Management for each figure ID across orders, players, partners and
  • Authentication and security for fraud prevention of each figure
  • Backend administrative management of IP, product SKUs and pricing
  • Evolution of each character and figure in real-time (XP, scores,
    currency, etc.)
  • Notifications for in-game features unlocked, such as levels and rewards

Further, FabZat’s on-demand, high quality 3D printing and production
plugin is fully integrated with the Phygitoys SDK to provide
full-service manufacturing, billing and shipping – thus, further
minimizing the cost and time for developers.

Chris Thomas, Fuzzy Face Studios co-founder, said: “We believe that NFC
and QR code-enabled figures will be hugely valuable in creating richer
content, deeper user engagement and brand loyalty with our Tweechi game.
We’re very excited to bring this new capability to our users, and FabZat
is making this incredibly easy for us through their Phygitoys SDK.”

Additionally, FabZat will be taking meetings to showcase demonstrations
of the new Phygitoys SDK at the Games Week in Paris, October 28-November

To learn more about FabZat’s Phygitoys SDK and to schedule a meeting,
please visit www.fabzat.com.

About FabZat

FabZat generates new revenue for game developers and publishers, through
merchandising and 3D printing. An industry pioneer, FabZat delivers the
first in-app personalized merchandising turnkey service for video games,
offering 3D printed figurines, t-shirts, posters, phone cases and more.
With more than 15,000 delivered objects for games across 70+ countries,
and a state-of-the-art plugin for iOS, Android, Unity and the Web,
FabZat turns great games into great physical brands. For more
information visit www.fabzat.com.

About Twinsprite

Twinsprite offers a B2B service and tools that allow game developers to
connect physical toys with video games while tracking and enhancing the
players’ experience. The owner of Twinsprite is the Madrid (Spain) based
company Digitoyx S.L. For more information on Twinsprite, visit www.twinsprite.com.

About Minetoys

Minetoys was introduced first during the official Minecraft release,
which took place in the 2011 Las Vegas Minecon. Thousands of toys have
been printed since. A new website went online in 2014 as well as an
increase printing quality. 2015 will see numerous new models and new
products coming up, as well as new partnerships with the famous names of
the Minecraft scene.


Florent Pitoun, CEO
Pietrelli, 760-518-2633