FigurePrints® and FabZat Partner for 3D Printing World of Warcraft® Figures

FabZat selected as the exclusive European provider of 3D printed
figures for globally renowned World of Warcraft franchise

BORDEAUX, France & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FabZat today announced its partnership with FigurePrints® as the
exclusive European provider of 3D printing for the World of Warcraft®
franchise. FabZat will now provide players with access to unique 3D
printed figures from the world’s most popular subscription-based
massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Starting today, European
players will be able to design, customize and order unique 3D figures
from directly from FigurePrints to be shipped anywhere quickly in the EU
through FabZat’s services.

Florent Pitoun, FabZat CEO and co-founder, said: “We provide EU fans of
the World of Warcraft franchise with customizable on-demand 3D
printing of the characters they love from the game. And, we provide this
service in full-color sandstone using 3D Systems’ CJP technology to
ensure the highest quality products are delivered to customers. It’s
this focus on quality and attention to detail that has made us the
preferred choice for industry-leading game publishers.”

Ed Fries, FigurePrints CEO, said: “We’re focused on enabling players to
bring their World of Warcraft characters to life, and now we can
offer a greater level of service through our partnership with FabZat.
After reviewing several European companies in this space, we felt that
FabZat would be the right partner due to their outstanding reputation
for fast delivery times, unmatched quality and seamless import

FabZat enables players to customize characters from World of Warcraft
from the FigurePrints website at
Players will be able to personalize 3D printed figures, with their
player name. 3D printed objects range in price from 69.95€ up through
129.95€, depending on the size and level of customization detail.

For over 3 years, FabZat has fine-tuned its 3D printing approach using a
proprietary formula of chemical hardeners, inks for the best rendering,
and varnishing specially designed for sandstone materials. Through this
approach and commitment to best-in-class entertainment figurines, FabZat
has developed a 3D printing process that is unmatched in the industry.
Developers can monetize their games by easily integrating FabZat’s
solution for on-demand 3D printing and in-app merchandising through a
state-of-the-art shop plugin for iOS, Android, and Unity, along with
Facebook, Web and PC gaming support.

To learn more about FabZat’s market leading in-app merchandising and 3D
printing solution visit

World of Warcraft® is a registered trademark of Blizzard

About FabZat

FabZat generates new revenue for game developers and publishers, through
merchandising and 3D printing. An industry pioneer, FabZat delivers the
first in-app personalized merchandising turnkey service for video games,
offering 3D printed figurines, t-shirts, posters, phone cases and more.
With more than 15,000 delivered objects for games across 70+ countries,
and a state-of-the-art plugin for iOS, Android, Unity and the Web,
FabZat turns great games into great physical brands. For more
information visit

About FigurePrints LLC

FigurePrints® recreates your favorite World of Warcraft® character as a
fully detailed 3D replica rivaling the beauty of any miniature figure
ever made. Using 3D modeling techniques pioneered by special effects
houses and manufacturing technology that allows even the most
complicated of these models to be created, FigurePrints can bring your
fully outfitted, one-of-a-kind World of Warcraft character to your
doorstep. For more information visit


Media Contacts:
Florent Pitoun, CEO
Kate Pietrelli, 760-518-2633
FigurePrints LLC