Flik Lifestyles Launches Industry-Changing Culinary Platform for Senior Dining

RYE BROOK, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flik Lifestyles, a leading senior living contract food service, EVS, POM
and hospitality services provider, announces a new company-wide,
textured-dining initiative, Plate Palette, that welcomes the return of
dignified, authentic dining executed in artistic forms.

The new industry-changing program was built as an offshoot of Flik
Lifestyles’ existing culinary philosophy and standard, one guided by
properly trained chefs who are driven to create a dining experience that
is consistent through all levels of care. “With Plate Palette, Flik
Lifestyles has found a way to accommodate textured diets while still
using natural ingredients that maintain each dish’s integrity, color,
flavor and overall presentation and most of all, it allows every
resident to eat with dignity which is a life enriching experience,” said
Flik Lifestyles Sector President Dan Fedro.

“This is a huge change for the senior living culinary industry,” said
Flik Lifestyles Senior Corporate Executive Chef Adam Grafton. “With this
new initiative, we, as chefs, are going back to our culinary
fundamentals and taking an artistic approach to dining with dignity
regardless of the texture required. We are making use of authentic
ingredients, not trying to alter the tastes of shapes.”

Plate Palette is symbolic of Flik Lifestyles’ determination to do what’s right,
to provide an even better product and maintain its professional
identity in the culinary world.

“We understand the change in generations through our communities and
their respect for ‘fresh,’” said Chef Grafton. “We need to modernize and
continue to maintain the culinary excellence that drives home our
philosophies, and that starts with serving real, fresh food.”

Through Plate Palette, Flik Lifestyles is revolutionizing its kitchen
culture. Chefs are dedicated to raising the standard by infusing flair
and creativity into the three specific food types used in textured
dining—smooth textures, soft textures and canapé.

Gone are the traditional preformed foods and scooped food balls full of
powders and additives. With Plate Palette, no chemicals are used
whatsoever; instead, chefs use natural binding agents like legumes or
egg whites when preparing smooth and soft textured foods.

In another exciting aspect of the Plate Palette program, residents on
the canapé diet can now enjoy foods they love (e.g., moo shu chicken,
beef stew, ratatouille) thanks to creative solutions like executing
dishes in vessels such as wonton wrappers, rice paper and empanada
dough, perfect for eating by hand.

“We are training our chefs to think outside the box and utilize classic
techniques and changing the way we serve products,” said Grafton.
“Residents no longer have to lower their culinary standards because of
their diets.”

Meals prepared per Plate Palette guidelines not only increase residents’
appetites, intake and general satisfaction, but ultimately improve their
nutritional status, overall health and quality of life. “Vegetables are
clearly showcased when plated,” Grafton added. “Our garnishing is also
very unique—we always incorporate a superfood like puree of spinach or
sweet potato, and we use infused oils to enhance the dish.”

“The level of care and creativity is seamless through the entire Flik
culinary program,” said Grafton. “Our residents won’t be shell-shocked
when they have to transition to a textured diet thanks to Plate Palette.
Everyone should experience restaurant-quality dining—with fantastic
presentation and a functional garnish—and we are proud to provide that.
We are completely changing the look, feel and style of food—for the better.”

About Flik Lifestyles

Flik Lifestyles, a member of Compass Group North America® and a Division
of Flik Hospitality Group®, is dedicated to providing food, nutrition &
wellness, EVS and hospitality services to senior living communities in
the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the country. Flik Lifestyles
has more than 85 registered dietitians, 130 executive chefs, 1,600
hospitality associates and 450 professional food service team members.
Committed to providing individualized, superior service and respectful,
ethical care, Flik Lifestyles offers delicious and healthful foods that
are responsibly sourced. The New York–based company serves more than 146
senior living clients in 12 states, including some of the largest and
most prominent senior living communities in the United States. Visit www.fliklifestyles.com
for more information.


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