FocusMotion Releases New SDK to Automatically Track Movement, Exercises and Gestures

a motion recognition algorithm company dedicated to improving health
through movement and gesture quantification via wearables, today
announced that it has released its Fitness software
development kit (SDK)
. For the first time in wearables, the Fitness
SDK allows developers using any platform and OS the ability to
automatically track movements, exercises and gestures.

FocusMotion provides developers a database of more than 50 exercises,
including bodyweight, dumbbell, barbell and machine movements that will
continue to grow over time. Developers can engage with FocusMotion and
ask for new movements to be added. The SDK also includes Robo, a
powerful machine learning tool, that allows users to record their own
movements and have the movement recognized and counted in a matter of

“FocusMotion’s core expertise is understanding movements, exercise and
gestures, but we know that there’s more to human movement than our
current catalog – a gym-goer, a yogi, a golfer, a factory worker,” said
Cavan Canavan, co-founder and CEO of FocusMotion. “These users need
specially designed solutions, so we wanted to give developers direct
access to incredibly powerful signal processing and machine learning
tools to help them craft great experiences.”

The algorithm has already been vetted with partnered brands, including Samsung,
Microsoft, Pebble and Fitocracy, but this is the first time it is
available for general use. Fitocracy leveraged these tools to create Fito+Pebble
powered by FocusMotion
, the first-ever iOS app that allows Pebble
smartwatch users to automatically track their exercises and workouts.

The FocusMotion SDK works on Android and iOS and is free for up to
10,000 users. It is open on any platform that provides direct access to
the raw accelerometer data, such as Android Wear devices, Pebble
watches, the Microsoft Band, and others, including the Apple Watch,
which will be available later in 2015.

Canavan added: “There is so much more to human movement than steps and
sleep. This is only the beginning of what’s possible. We’re looking
forward to seeing what developers create.”

The SDK is available at:

About FocusMotion

Founded in 2013, FocusMotion is a Los Angeles-based company using
innovative, proprietary technology to track a broad range of human
movement. FocusMotion is building the world’s largest database of motion
recognition and is leading the way in wearable technology. Its
technology uniquely maps human movement via wearables, moving beyond
monitoring to understanding what specific exercises, movements, or
gestures a user is doing, how many repetitions are completed, and how
well those movements are performed. Its SDK is deployable across devices
and operating systems, opening up new opportunities for developers and

For more information, please visit:
and follow us on Twitter @focus_motion.


for FocusMotion
Brenda Patterson