Helixee is an Automatic Home Piggybank for All Your Precious Files

Helixee is a home device that saves users’ files automatically in a
sleek and secure fashion – no effort required, no cloud in sight. Now
live on Kickstarter.

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Millions of users trust cloud services to store and share pictures and
videos of their loved ones. But does anyone really know where it goes?
To many, the idea of storing precious memories somewhere tangible is
much more appealing than entrusting the digital abyss.

is a home data storage device that automatically backs up their files in
a sleek and portable form factor, safe where they can see it. Best of
all, it’s just as easy to use for geeks and non-geeks alike.

“We really wanted to design a product that brought simplicity back to
the digital world, no matter how tech savvy someone is,” says Christophe
Guionet, CEO of Novathings. “Having all worked for big tech companies,
we’ve seen how the complexity of the Cloud or NAS setups can go over our
heads. That’s why we’re excited to work on something that brings peace
of mind to users.”

Novathings’ applications on PC, Mac, iOS and Android allow users to
easily share access to their photos and videos with family and friends.
So while safe from prying eyes, their files are never out of reach from
the people they trust.

Bringing all your files together in one place also means you don’t have
to keep track of where your files are between devices. All photos
your family takes, or all documents your co-workers share, can all be
found at the same place in your home or office Helixee.

Even when users are away from home, the Novathings app allows them to
remain connected to their data, keeping their digital files in the palm
of their hand. Or if they prefer to keep their files even closer, they
can take Helixee with them on the go. Powered by a single USB cable,
Helixee can generate its own private Wi-Fi network so users’ data
uploads anytime, anywhere, without a hitch.

The Novathings Kickstarter
has raised €33,600 ($38,000) and will last until November 13 with a
target of €70,000 (roughly $80,000). For questions or materials, contact
Chris Orris at chris@oxygen-pr.com
or (630) 294-6645.


for Novathings
Chris Orris, 630-294-6645