Helomics® Launches CellFx™, a Key Research Component of Their Precision Cellular Analytical Platform (PCAP™) Further Expanding Their Comprehensive Tumor Profiling Offering to Patients, Physicians and Life Science Industry

The CellFx™ platform allows for a personalized full tumor biology
characterization of a patient’s tumor

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Helomics® Corporation (Helomics®), a privately-held, personalized
healthcare company that provides comprehensive tumor profiling utilizing
proprietary live cell and fixed cell products and services announced
today that it will be launching, in March 2016, CellFx™, a new
research component of the company’s Precision Cellular Analytical
Platform called PCAP™.

The CellFx platform combines a proprietary high resolution digital
imaging process with genomic and proteomic analyses on both live and
fixed tumor tissue. CellFx will be used to further enhance Helomics’
tumor biology research and clinical test development efforts with
collaborators and partner-clients in academia, and in the diagnostics
and pharmaceutical industries. Based on greater than 15 years of
experience and proprietary know-how in the ex vivo culture of
human primary tumor cells, the CellFx platform is an important tool that
will lead to better informed patient treatment decisions; a deeper
understanding of the molecular and biochemical basis of malignancy; and
the identification and development of new anti-cancer therapies, new
treatment markers, and companion diagnostics.

Neil J. Campbell, President & CEO of Helomics said, “The CellFx platform
gives us a proprietary and very unique ability to study tumor biology on
a truly personalized level by analyzing a patient’s own tumor cells.
Using our CellFx and PCAP platforms, we can investigate changes in cell
morphology, tumor biochemistry, and gene or protein expression over time
or drug treatment as never before. As a key component of our proprietary
PCAP platform, CellFx enables us to thoroughly study the biology of
individual human tumors.”

About CellFx™

The core of the CellFx™ platform is Helomics’ ability to grow primary
human tumors in tissue culture. Physicians and researchers send tumor
specimens to Helomics where proprietary methods are used to grow the
patient’s tumor. This allows for the temporal analysis of gene and
protein expression associated with tumor cell proliferation, tumor cell
death, drug response, and/or drug toxicity. Helomics’ ability to grow
primary human tumors in a multi-dimensional culture has been
meticulously refined for over 15 years and is currently in its fourth
generation of tumor biology elucidation.

About PCAP™

The PCAP™ platform is the basis of Helomics’ comprehensive tumor
profiling capability. The platform consists of a suite of technologies
for the live and fixed cell analysis of changes in a tumor’s gene
regulation, protein expression, and cellular morphology over time or
with treatment.

About Helomics® Corporation, Inc.

Helomics® is a comprehensive personalized healthcare company, bringing
the next generation of diagnostics to the oncology field. Helomics is
dedicated to improving patient outcomes by providing a personalized
comprehensive tumor profile utilizing a proprietary set of laboratory
platforms that leverage both live and fixed cellular based analysis
allowing physicians to characterize malignant tumors on a personalized
basis. Helomics’ novel molecular and cellular markers and bioinformatics
services support treatment decisions by providing vital information
based on the specific biological processes of each individual’s cancer.
Helomics is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the company
maintains two CLIA-certified laboratories. For more information please
visit: www.helomics.com.

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