Here They Go Again! Anti-Prop. 60 Money Traced to Foreign Source

Porn Industry Campaign Was Fined in 2012 for Taking Foreign Money

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A complaint has been filed against the porn industry-funded anti-Prop.
60 campaign alleging it failed to properly report $75,000 in
contributions from seven interconnected businesses led by a firm based
in the United Kingdom.

The complaint
against Eric Paul Leue, the head of the coalition of porn companies
fighting Prop. 60, was filed with the state’s Fair Political Practices
Commission by Whitney Engeran-Cordova, a public health advocate.

Engeran-Cordova is a supporter of Prop. 60, a measure on the Nov. 8
ballot that seeks to strengthen the enforcement of an existing rule
requiring porn performers to wear condoms to protect themselves, their
partners and the wider community from sexually transmitted diseases.

In a sworn complaint, Engeran-Cordova alleged the seven companies made
seven separate contributions to the anti-Prop. 60 campaign totaling
$75,000. All contributions were made on Sept. 2. All the companies have
ties to Global Personals, LLC, which business records show is based in
the UK, and all are involved in the adult entertainment industry. Six of
the seven companies also failed to report their contributions in a
timely manner required by law.

It is illegal for foreign companies to contribute to U.S. political

In 2015 the state Fair Political Practices Commission fined a similar
campaign committee $61,500 in part for taking money from foreign
companies. That committee was opposed to Measure B, a proposal
eventually approved by voters, to require condoms in porn films produced
in Los Angeles County.

“Here they go again,” said Rick Taylor, chief strategist for the Yes
on Prop. 60 campaign
. “This looks a lot like what we saw happen in
2012. We strongly urge the FPPC to immediately investigate this current
situation so voters will know who’s really behind the financing of our
opponent’s campaign before they cast their ballots.”

Paid for by Yes on Prop 60, For Adult Industry Responsibility (FAIR)
committee, with major funding by AIDS Healthcare Foundation


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