HoneyDaddy Poll Reveals 70% of Sugar Babies Work and Use Sugar Daddies for Supplemental Income

HoneyDaddy pulls back the curtain on the women in sugar relationships

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Every year thousands of men and women enter into sugar relationships,
but this alternative dating lifestyle still leaves many scratching their
heads. HoneyDaddy.com, the leading sugar dating platform, recently
polled thousands of women using the platform and found some surprising

More than 2,800 women on HoneyDaddy.com participated in the recent
survey, which revealed that over 23% of respondents have more than one
sugar daddy and 41% of them only meet for dates once a month. More than
70% of respondents have jobs and use the money from their sugar daddies
as supplemental income to pay rent, bills and tuition.

Not to be confused with prostitution, sugar dating is a “no strings
attached” relationship where both parties enter into the relationship
with clearly laid out expectations emphasizing companionship. While the
implication of sugar relationships is that the matched couples are
physically intimate, HoneyDaddy.com has preventative measures in place
to prevent prostitution and “Johns” seeking one night stands.

With Sugar, everything is laid out on the table before we even meet. I
know exactly what my Honey wants and he knows what he’s going to get out
of this relationship,” said Jennifer, a HoneyDaddy.com user.

For additional info on the results, please visit: https://www.honeydaddy.com/blog/2016-honey-baby-survey/
and for additional information on HoneyDaddy visit www.honeydaddy.com.

About HoneyDaddy:

HoneyDaddy is the leading online platform for Sugar Dating, and “no
strings attached” relationships. At HoneyDaddy.com, beautiful and
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