hope2day Initiates Healing Through Laughter–Global Impact Project–Realizes a Child’s Vision

Charity Launches Programs to Help Children with Chronic Illness

, (http://www.hope2day.org/)
a registered charity and Public Benevolent Institution, announced today
development of a new global initiative. The project, inspired by a young
Australian boy’s vision gained support of iconic American comedian Jerry
Lewis. For over 60 years Jerry Lewis’ compassion raised over
$2.6-billion for children with chronic illness. Help make a difference
give@ http://www.hope2day.org/projects/.

“As a foster brother to over 80 kids, it seems to me that every
child’s world is better when they can laugh–despite the terrible things
in their lives. It’s my hope and dream that one day children around the
world will have a place where they can learn to heal through laughter,

says Lochie

An Idea Drawn on a Napkin Transforms Into A Vision Of Hope & Healing

When Lochie was 7-years old, he drew a picture of a house where children
who live with chronic illness could feel safe, find joy, and learn to
heal using humor. The picture landed in front of Jerry Lewis.
Immediately Mr. Lewis understood what Lochie created and promised to
help support the idea. The project centers developing an evidenced-based
program driven by research, grounded in comedy, humor and play.

hope2day charity exists to support people in need, believes
every person has the right to expect community support when they need it
the most:
hope2day brings together individuals and organizations passionate
about social impact, providing a framework for them to make a real and
lasing difference,
” states David Jack, Director, hope2day.

Partnerships with The University of Sydney (http://sydney.edu.au/research.html)
and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (http://www.schn.health.nsw.gov.au/)
have been established to explore the science of healing through laughter.

FSG Australia http://www.fsg.org.au/
has partnered with hope2day to enable and contribute to the development
and piloting of the Healing Through Laughter program.

hope2day, Limited

The charity’s vision is to support, educate and empower the lives of
people in need with meaningful, lasting impact. hope2day develops
programs to support, children, families, the elderly and indigenous
people who live with chronic disease, disability, poverty, homelessness
and social or financial disadvantage,. hope2day is a registered
Australian Public Benevolent Institution and Deductible Gift


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